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The nanowires market is expected to grow at a CAGR of above 29% during
the forecast period of 2019-2024.

The major factors driving the growth of market studied are the emerging
applications of nanowires in LEDs, nano-medicines, and consumer
electronics; and the increasing investments in R&D to explore new areas
of application. On the flipside, lack of reliable methods for assembling
circuits serves as one of the stumbling blocks in growth of the studied

Key Highlights

  • Metal nanowires segment dominated the market in 2018 and is likely to
    grow during the forecast period, owing to the unique thermal,
    mechanical, electrical, and catalytic properties of metal which makes
    it suitable for use in various electronic applications.
  • The increasing potential uses in electrical & electronics industry is
    likely to provide opportunities for the studied market during the
    forecast period.
  • Asia-Pacific dominated the market across the globe, where the demand
    for nanowires is majorly driven by the increasing application and
    demand from industries, such as consumer electronics, solar cells, and
    other electronic devices.

Major Market Trends

Consumer Electronics Segment to Dominate Market Demand

  • Nanowires, due to properties, such as high crystallinity, high surface
    to volume to ratio, and high resistance, are extensively used in
    consumer electronics.
  • Metal nanowires are widely used in the manufacturing of consumer
    electronics. Nanowires find application in displays, sensors,
    transistors, memory devices, LEDs, conductors, etc.
  • Besides, nanowires allow for faster communication between devices and
    microchips, which has increased its application in consumer
    electronics, such as smartphones, television, GPS tracking devices,
    identification cards, internet routers, etc.
  • Hence, with diversified application of nanowires in such numerous
    electronics, the demand for nanowires is expected to increase with
    rise in production in electronics industry.
  • Asia-Pacific has been witnessing numerous investments into the
    electronic industry and growth in electronics production, especially
    in countries, such as China, India, South Korea, and Japan, which is
    expected to further increase the demand for nanowires for electronic
    applications in the region during the forecast period.

Asia-Pacific to Dominate the Global Market

  • Asia-Pacific region dominated the global market share in 2018 owing to
    the increasing demand from industries, such as electronics, aerospace,
    solar cells, sensors, etc.
  • China stands to be the largest market for nanowires, as the country
    has been engaging in R&D activities for the development of
  • The country has a higher usage of nanowires in applications, such as,
    electrical & electronics, construction, healthcare, and aerospace.
  • China is the world's largest producer of electronics. Owing to the
    growing electronic production, the government has set goal for
    semiconductor industry of reaching USD 305 billion in output by 2030.
  • Besides, China has one of the fastest growing aviation industries in
    the world with a consistent increase in passenger traffic at about
    6.6% per year. Owing to this, the country have planned construction of
    numerous airports in the next 5 years, which is further expected to
    increase the demand for commercial jets. With this, the demand for
    nanowires for application in jets is also expected to increase in the
  • Similarly, Indian government has planned to construct about 100
    airports in the country by 2032, which is further likely to increase
    demand for commercial jets.
  • Japan is one of the largest producer of electronics, and energy
    equipment. The country is also witnessing new solar projects in the
    country, in order to increase the share of renewable energy.
  • For instance, Grasshopper Solar planned an investment of USD 80
    million in Japan's Iizuka solar plant owned by Setouchi Koken in
    September 2018. Hence, this is projected to create demand for solar
    panels, which is further expected to create demand for nanowires for
    application in solar cells.
  • Similarly the Japanese company, SoftBank Group, decided to invest USD
    60 billion - USD 100 billion in a solar power project in India, which
    is expected to drive the demand for solar panels, and thereby solar
  • Besides, South Korea is one of the major exporters of electronics.
    Thus, with growing domestic as well as foreign demand for their
    electronic products, the market players have been increasing their
    industrial output in the country.
  • Hence, all such market trends in the region is expected to drive the
    demand for nanowires market in the region during the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape

The nanowires market is a highly fragmented market, where numerous
players holds insignificant share of the market to affect the market
dynamics individually. Some of the noticeable players in the market
include Cambrios Technologies Corp, ACS Materials, NanoComposix, RAS,
and Novarials Corporation, amongst others.

Key Topics Covered


1.1 Study Deliverables

1.2 Study Assumptions

1.3 Scope of the Study




4.1 Drivers

4.1.1 Emerging Applications of Nanowires in LEDs, Nano-medicines, and
Consumer Electronics

4.1.2 Increasing Investments in R&D to Explore New Applications

4.2 Restraints

4.2.1 Lack of Reliable Methods for Assembling Circuits

4.3 Industry Value-Chain Analysis

4.4 Porters 5 Force Analysis


5.1 Type

5.1.1 Metal Nanowires

5.1.2 Semiconductor Nanowires

5.1.3 Oxide Nanowires

5.1.4 Multi-Segment Nanowires

5.1.5 Semiconductor Quantum Wires

5.2 Application

5.2.1 Consumer Electronics

5.2.2 Chemical and Biological sensors

5.2.3 Electronics

5.2.4 Solar Cells

5.2.5 Others

5.3 Geography

5.3.1 Asia-Pacific China India Japan South Korea Rest of Asia-Pacific

5.3.2 North America United States Canada Mexico

5.3.3 Europe Germany United Kingdom France Italy Rest of Europe

5.3.4 South America Brazil Argentina Rest of South America

5.3.5 Middle East & Africa Saudi Arabia South Africa Rest of Middle East & Africa


6.1 Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and

6.2 Market Share Analysis

6.3 Strategies Adopted by Leading Players

6.4 Company Profiles

6.4.1 ACS Materials LLC

6.4.2 Blue Nano Inc.

6.4.3 Cambrios Technologies Corporation

6.4.4 Kemix (Pty) Ltd.

6.4.5 Minnesota Wire Company

6.4.6 NanoComposix Inc.

6.4.7 Nanostructured and Amorphous Materials Inc.

6.4.8 Novarials Corporation

6.4.9 RAS AG Materials

6.4.10 BASF SE

6.4.11 US Nano


7.1 Increasing Potential Uses in Electrical & Electronics Applications

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