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iShares Launches Megatrend ETF Suite Designed to Capture Five Transformational Long-Term Trends


Unconstrained index approach unlocks the power of innovation
driving megatrends across industries and geographies

iShares Cybersecurity and Tech ETF (IHAK) and iShares Genomics
Immunology and Healthcare ETF (IDNA) begin trading today

iShares today announces the launch of a megatrend investing framework,
including a new suite of exchange traded funds (ETFs) designed to
capture the structural shifts influencing the future of the global
economy and society.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

BlackRock's research, portfolio management, and Investment Institute
teams – informed by work with corporations, thought leaders and global
organizations – have identified five megatrends. These forces provide a
new investment framework that goes beyond traditional sector, market cap
and geographic classifications.

  1. Technological Breakthrough: Technology is driving exponential
    progress in the tech sector and far beyond
  2. Emerging Global Wealth: A newly affluent class of consumers
    will expand in Asia and across emerging markets
  3. Climate Change and Resource Scarcity: Demand for a clean, green
    tomorrow will advance energy and conservation
  4. Demographics and Social Change: Longer lifespans and modern
    lifestyles will change medicine and consumer habits
  5. Rapid Urbanization: Mass migration to cities will require new
    business models and infrastructure

iShares megatrend ETFs are unconstrained index equity ETFs that seek to
track indexes developed by leading industry index providers. The global
indexes target stocks with high return potential across relevant
industry value chains. For example, investment opportunities for
autonomous vehicles would include not just car-makers but also hardware
companies making road sensors and navigation cameras, and battery

Armando Senra, Head of U.S., Canada and Latin America iShares, says:
"The iShares megatrend ETF suite seeks to capture the most powerful
investment trends driving the global economy today, and that we expect
to play out for decades to come. The ability for anyone to access these
targeted growth opportunities through an ETF represents the next
frontier of efficiency, transparency and the democratization of

A powerful ETF technology for powerful forces

Today, iShares is also launching two new products – the iShares
Cybersecurity and Tech ETF (IHAK) and iShares Genomics Immunology and
Healthcare ETF (IDNA). IHAK provides investors access to companies
around the world that are helping fight the rise in cyber crime by using
cybersecurity solutions across hardware and software. The other, IDNA,
seeks exposure to companies worldwide at the forefront of medical
revolutions in the rapidly expanding fields of molecular biology and
mapping of genomes, and immunology.

Chad Slawner, Head of U.S. iShares Product and Strategy, says:
"This framework is the culmination of years spent analyzing and
observing broad structural changes shaping the world around us. We took
the best thinking from across our firm, including active investment
teams, to create our megatrends. Our mission is to provide efficient
ways to access these forces to improve long-term outcomes for clients."

A long-term proposition

Megatrends ETFs can serve a number of roles in a portfolio, including as
alternatives for, or alongside, investment approaches that seek
above-benchmark performance over time. As the identified megatrends are
pervasive across industries and tend to be forward-looking, they
naturally resonate with investors and advisors seeking to capture future

"For most people, trends like urbanization and technological
breakthroughs are intuitive growth stories with real impact on their own
lives," says Armando Senra. "That's the essence of megatrends ETFs,
providing investors with the shortest path possible to innovation that
is shaping the future."

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