Unlike Creepy Fish with Human-like Teeth, People can Visit the Dentist to Maintain Their Oral Health, reminds A-Z Dental Care

WEST COVINA, Calif., May 31, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A May 23 article on KENS5 in San Antonio reported on an unnerving catch by a local fisherman. The fish, a red-belly pacu, looked exceptionally ordinary in all ways save one important distinction: its teeth were remarkably human-like. The fisherman said he was "a little freaked out by [the fish]," which is understandable considering red-belly pacu are native to a region more than three thousand kilometers away, where they are notorious for their caricatured human teeth. West Covina based dental clinic A-Z Dental Care said that humans should be thankful because, unlike red-belly pacu that cannot do much about their odd choppers, humans get an entire medical field dedicated to the care and maintenance of their oral health.

A-Z Dental Care notes that despite the abundance of dental services available for people, many individuals' dental hygiene probably is not where it should be. The dental clinic notes that if you were to ask a group of ten people if they brush their teeth for the full, dentist-recommended two minutes twice daily, chances are the majority would say, "no, definitely not." The clinic adds that many people simply do not put enough stock into their oral hygiene, which is a mistake. For one thing, the clinic states, bright and healthy teeth are a huge part of anyone's lives – foul breath and/or unsightly teeth are, obviously, a major drawback in any kind of social situation. The dental center says that importantly, oral hygiene is directly related to a number of other areas of health. This includes anything and everything from cardiovascular health to newly documented links between periodontal infections and Alzheimer's disease, the clinic adds.

A-Z Dental Care says that a few key routines that most people have already heard of before can make all the difference: brush and floss teeth for a full two minutes after every meal, preferably at least 15-30 minutes afterward to allow the enamel on teeth to re-mineralize, especially if the meal included anything acidic, such as citrus fruit or tomatoes. Additionally, the clinic adds that a mouth rinse is especially helpful after a meal. A-Z Dental Care also says that getting professional teeth cleaning twice a year and a checkup once a year is vital. Even if one's teeth are otherwise healthy, dentists can spot minor problems before they become serious and jeopardize a patient's overall health.

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