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Paul McCarthy - Cork Entrepreneur & Team Helps to Bring A Little Christmas to the Orphans of Belarus


CORK, Ireland, May 11, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Paul certainly isn't claiming all the glory for this epic fundraising feat for himself, and along with his wife Jackie they joined a team of committed and serious fundraisers, entrepreneurs and good guys from all over Ireland, who just wanted to give something back.

As Paul explained - "In the Western world so many of us just have no concept of how truly tough that life can be. The orphanages in Belarus do their best but some of them have absolutely no state funding, and in that environment living on fresh air is one tough life. And they're only kids.

"We committed to helping them stay kids just a little longer, even if only for a few days. As business owners, most of us understand that giving some money can be a great help, but that by spending the money in the local economy then this money can circulate a lot longer, and do some much more good than most of us would realise.

"With a plan in mind to spend the funds raised locally, this allowed us the privilege of playing Santa to kids that Santa just doesn't visit that much. At the beginning of the trip, we visited all the orphanages in the local Belarus area, and started by getting all of the kids to write their letter or list for Santa of what they would like for Christmas.

"And then we went on a shopping trip like none that I have ever been on before, where over the course of a few short days, we spend the entirety of funds raised, over £100,000 playing Santa for over 1,000 orphans. If you want to light up your life, then you want to see how much it means to these children, and it will truly help you to appreciate your own life, regardless of the hurdles and the hassles that we have to overcome along the way.

If you would like to find out more about Project Belarus, and how you may be able to help or contribute please visit the website below.


SOURCE Paul McCarthy Cork

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