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OPTEC International Forms Strategic Partnership With DR Microgrids, Powered By ENERGI PROS


CARLSBAD, Calif., April 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OPTEC International, Inc. (OTC:OPTI) forms strategic partnership with DR Microgrids, powered by ENERGI PROS™, for the inclusion of OPTEC Optimum Solar LED lighting solutions to upcoming microgrid projects.

With the imminent and increasing threat of wildfires and flooding in just California alone, Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) are becoming common practice during high risk days for the prevention of disaster. This practice leaves businesses and communities without power leading to temporary closures or forcing businesses to use emission producing back up generators that require costly fossil fuel usage.

DR Microgrid is a new venture for ENERGI PROS™, a leader in the energy savings/energy services industry since 1993, to expand their reach and innovation. DR Microgrid was created to protect businesses from utility's time of use increases and Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) by creating Microgrid solutions. By islanding from the grid during a power outage, microgrids avert significant economic loss. Meanwhile, the Microgrid can help the utility ease strain on the central grid during periods of peak demand hours with stored back-up power. This solution allows businesses to gain reliable, resilient, and sustainable electricity at a lower cost.

DR Microgrids chose the OPTEC Optimum Off Grid Solar LED lighting solution to partner with because of the Optimum's proprietary lens technology thereby making the OPTEC LED one of the most efficient off grid LED lighting solutions on the market today.  

Optimum Solar LED lighting provides an outdoor lighting solution for both Public Safety Power Shutoffs and for lowering energy costs with sustainable energy. Reliable outdoor security lighting is essential for businesses for the safety of their customers and employees. Off-grid lighting ensures reliability in the case of natural disasters, planned outages, and provides security lighting to areas without access to power. Optimum Solar LED is also a solution for businesses to eliminate their outdoor energy costs while committing to using clean, sustainable energy. The partnership with microgrids and outdoor solar lighting becomes a package solution.

OPTEC CEO commented, "The partnership with DR Microgrids brings great opportunities for both companies. Having a packaged solution provides businesses with added security to prevent costly business interruptions during power grid black outs, whether scheduled or incidental."

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