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Top Blockchain Analyst Martin Gerraux Predicts Price Targets For Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin


NEW YORK, March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Ever since Bitcoin's massive price drop in December 2017, the cryptocurrency market has been stuck in a stress inducing bear market that's created global layoffs, bankruptcies, investor withdrawals and mining companies going under. Three of the largest market cap coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, all have dropped more than 85% from their previous all-time highs.

A substantial bear market has put the bears, Hodler's and long-term cryptocurrency investors into hibernation, hoping and waiting for the next major bull rally to begin.

One iconic Bitcoin price analyst and early adopter, with a reputation for releasing highly accurate price predictions, has recently come back online with some very bullish price charts for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin – complete with very bold price targets and even exact dates on when to expect each coin's price to achieve a full breakout.

Instagram user @theblockjesus (Martin Gerraux) has been missing from the cryptocurrency scene since November 20th 2017, almost exactly one month before Bitcoin took a complete nosedive and fell 22% in four days, which was the beginning of our current and long lasting bear market.

Gerraux was one of the earliest adopters and traders of Bitcoin starting in 2010, shortly after ending a 10 year career as a financial analyst with one of New York's top firms.

It was on November 19 2017 when Martin Gerraux posted one of his pen highlighted Bitcoin charts that contained a dire warning of an impending drop in mid December 2017. At that time, not many people took notice. The bulls were running on pure adrenaline, buying Lambos with Bitcoin and no one really cared to listen to some guy posting a doom and gloom scenario about an upcoming Bitcoin crash.

What the crypto community didn't realize at the time was - he was right. Like a modern-day crypto Nostradamus, he had predicted the December Bitcoin crash almost to the exact date - one month prior.

After being absent from the crypto scene for well over a year, Martin Gerraux is back and people are listening very seriously - as he is predicting that "the next bullrun is absolutely imminent in April" but its his Instagram posts that have the entire crypto world mesmerized. In his most recently posted charts, the trader (that many refer to as Block Jesus) has predicted the precise breakout dates for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Litecoin, he says, which has experienced a slightly bullish momentum over the past 2 weeks, is "pushing towards a major breakout" currently. For Litecoin, Gerraux has set a price target for $675, which would be a new all time high for the cryptocurrency.

On Martin's Ethereum chart, he is very specific, posting a price breakout date of April 25, 2019 with a price target of $2200, which would create a new spectacular high for Vitalik Buterin's smart contract enabled cryptocurrency.

Last but not least, with Bitcoin, the grand daddy and master of all cryptocurrencies, Martin Gerraux has set a "Blast-Off Moment" of April 13, 2019, which is only a few weeks away. His price target for this massive Bitcoin breakout? A new all-time high of $29,000.

Many viewing these price charts and extremely bold breakout predictions might be left wondering if the next bull run is truly coming, however, it's very rare that the crypto community pays such close attention to one analyst, and it's even more rare to have an analyst that predicted the Bitcoin crash of 2017, reappear online after 1 year of silence with price breakout predictions so highly specific.

This time around for Martin Gerraux, the crypto world is listening and paying very close attention.


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