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100-Liter Glass Reactor Turnkey Set Performs Four Essential Functions for Cannabis Processors


LIVINGSTON, N.J., March 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The jacketed glass reactor is quickly becoming an essential piece of equipment for cannabis processors. Highly prized for its versatility, a reactor can perform decarboxylation, winterization, pesticide remediation, and isolate crystallization. These operations are essential to processors. Due to this, Ai Vacuum, an industry leader in post-harvest processing equipment, has just released a special turnkey package that's quickly gaining traction in the industry. It comes with a 100-liter jacketed glass reactor, a Jubalo Presto temperature control system, an option for an Ai chiller for the condenser, and an ULVAC UDP-6 CFM dual-stage diaphragm pump.

The 100-liter jacketed glass reactor is popular with pros for its versatility, durability, and wide temperature range, from -110°F to 400°F. It comes with the highest quality glassware, which is food grade, high borosilicate glass 3.3. The carefully blown glass combined with PTFE seals and stainless-steel jacket lines offers fantastic heat, cold, and corrosion resistance. An adjustable stirring rate and multi-layer stirring blades offer great torque and high stirring speeds, allowing the user to optimize their results. It also lets the user add material in a uniform manner at a controlled rate. A feeding tunnel and PTFE valve for close-controlled dosing are also included. It even has a built-in condenser.

PTFE on all sealing components gives the reactor a long lifespan, while digital speed and temperature displays make operation easy and intuitive. Another exciting feature, a drain for easy material removal is available, in either a fast-flow one-inch or slow-dosing 3/8-inch variety. Moreover, the reactor comes with a free, high-quality thermo-insulation jacket, to prevent lab temperatures from meddling with your process.

The reactor is teamed up with a Julabo Presto temperature control system. This offers exceptionally precise temperature control and allows for rapid temperature changes. It has an impressive range, from -92°C to +250°C. Another important feature is adjustable pumping pressure, which accommodates the temperature control liquid's viscosity to fit any situation. High flow rates, constant pressure, and a controlled buildup of pressure make this one of the most advanced temperature control systems on the market.

Lastly, the package comes with an ULVAC UDP-6 CFM dual-stage diaphragm pump. This pump was specifically designed to Ai Vacuum's specifications. It's perfect for large-scale rotary evaporation or glass jacketed reactor applications. The pump's membrane is coated with a special polymer for work involving particularly corrosive substances. It's also powerful.

This is the only pump in the world that can reach 6 CFM at a depth of vacuum of 6 Torr, with just two membranes. It requires little maintenance, and it's 33% lighter than other pumps in its class. This complete turnkey package is perfect for decarboxylation, as it allows one to decarb at amazing speeds and in large batches, saving time and money.

Ai Vacuum specializes in botanical refinement equipment. This is a subsidiary of Across International, an industry leader in the manufacturing of heat treatment, material processing, and laboratory equipment. Its mission is to empower those advancing science by offering high-quality equipment, along with the best customer support.    

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