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The Best Types Of Marketing Videos In 2019 – Plus, The Top 26 Video Marketing Agencies, According To DesignRush


DesignRush determined the types of videos that market brands successfully and the top video marketing companies that can create them.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) March 19, 2019

Studies show that 86 percent of internet marketers use videos to promote a brand, product or service – and this investment in video multimedia content pays off, too.

Marketers that incorporate videos increase revenue almost 50 percent faster than brands who do not. In addition, 52 percent of global marketers say they receive the best return on investment (ROI) from video content.

But what types of videos are the most effective at growing consumer bases and increasing revenue?, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, unearthed the most successful video marketing forms of 2019. Each type of video is shown to reach a specific audience, encourage certain consumer behaviors, improve brand awareness and ultimately grow a business with longevity in mind.

The top 3 types of marketing videos are:

1. Social Media Videos

Social media videos generate 1200% more shares than both text and images combined.

In addition, over 100 million hours of video are viewed every day on Facebook, 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day, and 82 percent of Twitter users view video content directly on the platform.

Luckily for brands, the content placed on social media can vary greatly while still achieving positive results. Examples of videos that brands can post on social media include:

  • Brand videos
  • Commercials
  • Influencer marketing videos
  • User-generated content
  • Product videos
  • Demo videos
  • Live streams
  • Temporary videos
  • And more!

2. How-To Videos

A study from Think with Google found that how-to and explainer videos receive, the more attention than any other type of video on YouTube, including games and music clips.

And this makes sense! After all, the more a consumer understands what a product or service is, how they can use it, and how it will improve their life or solve a problem, the more likely they are to complete a purchase. A proper how-to video serves to engage consumers so they can adequately learn the value adds a brand brings to the table.

In order to produce a successful how-to video, brands should follow these best practices:

1. Write an insightful, well-thought-out but concise script
2. Focus of offering useful information first instead of simply promoting a brand
3. Include a call to action at the end of the video

3. Product Review Videos

Many brands overlook the power of product review videos. However, 57 percent of consumers feel more comfortable purchasing a product online after viewing a product video beforehand.

Therefore, investing in product review videos can drastically improve user experience and boost conversion rates.

Although brands can create their own product review videos, the best – and most successful – videos are those that appear to be user-generated.

Businesses should empower consumers to leave robust reviews through the website or social media.

In addition, brands can develop an influencer marketing campaign that will facilitate high-quality and reliable product review videos that an expansive new audience within the target demographic will see.

"Video is quickly becoming the most important form of content marketing," says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. "Consumers are more likely to find a video, view it in its entirety, and retain the message. Thus, brands that invest in video marketing are poised to surpass the competition by nature."

DesignRush's Agency Listing section features the top local and global video marketing firms. Some of the top video marketing agencies from around the world include:

1. Advice Media

Patient generation and conversions start with a click. Advice Media understands this. Advice Media has been building engaging medical websites since 1998 and optimizing for organic search before anyone even knew what SEO services were. To stand out from competitors, brands need more than a beautiful, mobile-responsive website. Employing their expertise in critical aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and pay per click advertising creates an online presence that brands can be proud of.

Visit Advice Media at

2. Backe

Backe is a creative agency specializing in branding, digital advertising and marketing communications focused on their clients' success. Backe believes relationships are at the heart of success and endeavor to create lasting partnerships with their clients. Over the past 20 years, they have worked with clients in healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, higher education, business services, and professional associations. The Backe team embodies a wealth of experience in Marketing, Strategy, Creative, and Technology. Their nimble, can-do approach propels them to launch major campaign efforts while their compact size allows Backe to engage clients in meaningful collaboration.

Visit Backe at

3. Blue Barn Creative

With the combined talents of an award-winning team, Blue Barn Creative's projects have included nationally televised commercials, creative brand films, promotional videos, and documentaries. Blue Barn specializes in video production services and is located in San Diego. They work with clients locally and across the United States, and their goal is to elevate brands through filmmaking.

Visit Blue Barn Creative at

4. BTS TV Media

BTS TV Media is a Strategic Digital Agency that provides marketing solutions for businesses in order to optimize growth. They specialize in high converting video production, photography, social media management, and paid digital advertising.

Visit BTS TV Media at

5. Company 119

Company 119 is a full-service digital marketing agency in Northeast Ohio. Their team includes specialists that focus on SEO, content management, email strategy, graphic design, social media management, PPC, paid search and more. Company 119 offers fully customized websites with advanced functionality for our larger clients as well as small business packages to help our local entrepreneurs enhance their digital identities. Company 119 offers award-winning service and products with an eye on customer satisfaction. They "Run Toward The Fires" when other agencies shy away from tough projects, and they are committed to delivering the highest quality digital marketing services available.

Visit Company 119 at

6. Content Puppy

Content Puppy creates video content for agencies, brands, businesses and nonprofit organizations. In other words, they tell stories. Stories about products, events, and most importantly, people. Content Puppy also tells the right stories—the kind that can help brands connect with customers and build businesses. The right video can help brands stand out and get noticed. Need video? Just whistle.

Visit Content Puppy at


CRFTSHO creates handcrafted, small batch, brand forward motion picture content and video productions. Fueled by the passion of clients, partners, and team members, CRFTSHO believes that all projects should be treated with the same amount of reverence, passion, and attention to detail. Regardless of budget or status, they never cut corners. They only accept as many clients/projects as their production calendars allow – CRFTSHO calls it their small batch creative approach. CRFTSHO is equally passionate about strategic planning, delivery, and, most importantly, results.

Visit CRFTSHO at

8. Digital Bard Video

Digital Bard started in 2004, the year BEFORE YouTube was a registered domain name, 2 years before Google purchased YouTube and 3 years before the release of the first iPhone. So, while Digital Bard didn't start out to be online video marketing experts, it's mainly because online video really did not exist in the same way then as it does today. But they saw the possibilities it could bring for cost-effectively expanding the audience of a business and fell in love with the nimble, creative ways we could test ideas before taking it big.

Visit Digital Bard Video at

9. Hunter Marketing Group

Hunter Marketing Group offers award-winning design and content creation for multi-platform applications. Their area of expertise remains to deliver optimized paid campaigns through paid platforms such as Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook Ads, featuring innovative Do-It-Yourself tools and software previously only available on an enterprise-level at low rates. Their strategy services can help brands find the right direction.

Visit Hunter Marketing Group at

10. Hurricane Media UK

Hurricane is a specialist creative content agency with 11 years of experience. They are a diverse team of creatives, content makers and strategists who have produced award-winning digital campaigns, network TV documentaries, and broadcast commercials. Hurricane connect brands and audiences at an emotional level through powerful story-telling, engaging visuals and tactical content with a purpose. Their services include video and animation production, visual identity, marketing strategy, and activation. They have a flexible approach to servicing, offering support for particular requirements through to a complete end-to-end solution.

Visit Hurricane Media UK at

11. Kasra Design

Back in 2011, Alex Safavinia started making animated videos for the smallest startups you can image. It was then that Kasra Design was born. Since then, Kasra Design has served over 700 corporate clients worldwide including Credit Suisse, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Intel, Hong Leong Bank, Ogilvy & Mather, Schneider Electric, Panasonic, Affin Bank, American Wood Council, Grab, Tokio Marine and many more. They are a team of 2D and 3D animators, illustrators and creative thinkers who love growing in the field of animation and web videos. Their services ranging from animated explainer videos to TV commercials and anything in between.

Visit Kasra Design at

12. Kinitros

Kinitros is a Hispanic video marketing agency with over 15 years of experience with offices and clients in Mexico and the U.S. They specialize in video and bilingual content. From conception to execution, they know the importance of being nimble and don't believe in overcharging for quality. Their services include video production, bilingual content, creative design, research, strategy and more.

Visit Kinitros at

13. Lemonlight

Lemonlight believes that every brand has a story that deserves to be told, which is why they're on a mission to create high-quality affordable video content nationwide. After crafting 5000+ videos, they've developed a deep understanding of storytelling and developed a formula that captures the viewer's attention and inspires them to learn more about each brand.

Visit Lemonlight at

14. Lure Digital Agency

Lure Digital Agency is a full-service digital agency designed to help marketing teams uncover their missed opportunities and then develop innovative strategies to capitalize on those. They specialize in Video & Photography, Digital Advertising, Social Media Management, Content Creation and more. Lure Digital Agency is a creative family of staff and clients. The team is fun but professional, creative but logical, kind but strong, magical but down to earth, talented but humble, and smart but willing to learn. They work with brands of all sizes and scopes.

Visit Lure Digital Agency at

15. Newfound Marketing

Newfound Marketing is a digital marketing agency helping businesses build their online presence. They help clients obtain guaranteed and fast positioning in the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, diverting traffic to websites by strengthening and optimizing their presence – and higher rankings on search engine result pages automatically mean more visitors and, in turn, more revenue.

Visit Newfound Marketing at

16. Point Creative Services

Point Creative Services is a marketing consulting, website design and video production firm in Baltimore that uses online video marketing and digital advertising to help businesses show, tell and sell their story far better than a static block of text. Their specialty is in analyzing and crafting marketing messages that are on target, on point and to the point.

Visit Point Creative Services at

17. Proxima Agency

Proxima Agency inventively applies their experience in designing, creating and promoting digital products to help businesses grow faster. They create digital solutions and high-quality strategies that provoke people to buy products and consume services worldwide.

Visit Proxima Agency online at

18. Sociallyin

Sociallyin is a social media agency. They service a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. Their mission is to create lasting connections by engaging people at a personal level online. Sociallyin embodies innovation and employs the top creative talent to keep organizations in front of the competition through social media strategies, custom content, influencer marketing, ROI modeling, and social media advertising management. They provide services such as social media management, paid advertising management, influencer marketing, original content production and more.

Visit Sociallyin at

19. Spin Creative

Spin Creative helps marketers, creatives, brand experts and designers drive demand with winning video and creative strategies. They focus on three passion areas: Branding and Design, Video Storytelling and Social Media Creative. The foundation of their services is built on crafting strategic and bold creative to engage, inspire and activate every brand's most important audiences.

Visit Spin Creative at

20. Studiotale

Studiotale is a video production company specializing in 2D animation videos and ad films. They believe that their videos help organizations and business to simplify complex ideas and educate customers through creativity. Studiotale produces explainer videos to everyone from startups to established organizations which not only illustrate ideas and products but also assure measurable results. They are backed by a team of very creative and hardworking animators, directors, content writers and designers that can interpret ideas into interesting and witty videos.

Visit Studiotale at

21. Tej SolPro Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Tej SolPro Digital Pvt. Ltd. is India-based Digital Marketing Company, offering services like SEO, PPC Management and Social Media Event Promotion all over India. Tej SolPro Digital Pvt. Ltd. has been able to achieve exemplary milestones within a short span of time since its inception.

Visit Tej Solpro Digital Pvt. Ltd. at

22. Transcendent Enterprise

Whether they're working with NYU, Facebook, the New York Knicks or Pepsi, Transcendent Enterprise is always keeping one goal in mind: their client's. They are a small, personable videography team with the talent and resources to produce large-scale projects. When NYU needed to spread the word about their new Brooklyn campus, they hired Transcendent Enterprise because they understood their needs, their budget and their client. Brands are interacting with real people who are invested in their success. No matter what each client's marketing goals are, their videos will transcend them.

Visit Transcendent Enterprise at

23. Videorize

Videorize lives and breathes video. They have a genuine passion for producing great videos and have built a creative process that gets results. Couple that with great talent, and clients can feel confident that Videorize is the right company to take care of every video need. Videorize knows there are a lot of choices out there, but their work speaks for itself and shows the quality and value they offer – a fully customized, clear, and professional video that fits each brand (and budget) to a tee.

Visit Videorize at

24. Volk Video

Volk Video takes complicated ideas and makes it easy for anyone to understand and share. They have conceived and produced hundreds of new media productions, engaging corporate videos, high impact web videos and much more. They are experts at getting the message across in a clear and concise manner. Volk Video delivers an award-winning experience in directing, cinematography and audio production on each and every project. When those elements are mixed with passion and creativity, the end result is always satisfaction guaranteed. Their goal is to constantly deliver engaging and compelling digital medal productions regardless of the budget. Volk Video offers professional 4K and HD video production and editing.

Visit Volk Video at

25. Yans Media

Yans Media is a design-driven animation studio creating motion pictures as well as animated explainer videos for agencies, brands, and startups. They tell stories that connect people with businesses.

Visit Yans Media at

26. Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Videos creates all types of video content, including explainer videos, internal, commercials, testimonial and company story videos. Their goal is to elevate each brand and make it distinguishable from the crowded marketplace we live in today.

Visit Yum Yum Videos at

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