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American Academy of Thermology (AAT) Issues Position Statement on Breast Thermography


GREENVILLE, S.C., Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The American Academy of Thermology (AAT), which is the premiere organization in North America for the scientific development, healthcare training and clinical application of medical infrared imaging, has issued a Position Statement on Breast Thermography.

The Position Statement, which is available by clicking the "Medical Thermography" menu item on the AAT's website at, seeks to clarify any potential misunderstanding regarding the proper use of breast thermography.

Specifically, the AAT is reiterating its singularly consistent, longstanding and unequivocal view that breast thermography is a breast risk assessment, and therefore must only be used as an adjunctive evaluation to other structural breast imaging studies such as mammography, ultrasound, and MRI.

"There are established indications for breast thermography when performed in adherence with AAT Guidelines," commented Jeffrey J. Lefko, Executive Director of the AAT. "The AAT does not condone representations or evaluations that are performed in contradiction to these Guidelines, including the fundamental fact that breast thermography is not and has never been endorsed by the AAT as a standalone assessment."

Continued Lefko: "News stories on topics as controversial as breast health should be balanced in their presentation. We are concerned that misrepresentations and non-factual statements made by those who provide services contradictory to the AAT Guidelines might be construed as a disservice to thermography professionals, who offer scientific medical thermology evaluations that conform to scientific evidence-based guidelines and practices."

The AAT has published Guidelines on Neuro-musculoskeletal, Breast, Veterinary, and Oral-Systemic disorders that are internationally peer reviewed, presented in a format consistent with medical applications, and updated on a regular basis. A copy of each of the AAT Guidelines is available on the AAT website at

For additional information, interview requests or media inquiries, visit, email info(at)aathermology(dot)org or call (864) 236-1073.

About the American Academy of Thermology

Founded in 1971, The American Academy of Thermology (AAT) is the premiere organization in North America for the scientific development, health care training and clinical application of medical infrared imaging. The AAT provides a forum for those who have interest in medically-related conditions that involve the autonomic nervous, peripheral vascular and immuno-inflammatory systems. The organization also holds annual conferences for the presentation of scientific and professional papers, and serves as the voice of its members in medical practice, health care finance, legislative and regulatory related matters.


SOURCE American Academy of Thermology

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