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MULLERIYAWA NORTH, Sri Lanka, Feb. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Since immemorial ages, tea has been one of the most appreciated drinks on the planet. Serving was perfected to the rank of art, with complex ceremonies and rituals for blessing the magical drink. From one corner of the world to the other, tea has always been a constant in people's life.

Founded in 2017 by two tea lovers, teakruthi has become the epitome of quality for tea drinkers. It provides all natural, fresh Ceylon Tea. teakruthi does not use Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) or artificial additives to alter the flavor in any way. Clients can enjoy a truly natural sensorial adventure, exotic as Sri Lanka itself.


Ceylon, the former name of Sri Lanka, is internationally acclaimed for its prized tea. Sri Lanka's central highlands have the perfect conditions for cultivating high-quality tea: high humidity, low temperatures and abundant precipitations. These climatic characteristics confer a citrusy aroma and a lively, refreshing texture. The sweet, juicy notes have made the Ceylon tea appreciated worldwide. Emperors and politicians alike have adopted drinking a hot cup of Ceylon tea into their daily routine.

When preparing tea, it is important to be as fresh as possible. In this way, people can enjoy the aroma at its maximum intensity. teakruthi works with specialized tea gardens, collaborating with numerous farmers, including smaller ones. By going directly to the source and talking directly to specialized plantation managers, teakruthi eliminates many intermediaries and shortens the delivery process. teakruthi's consumers can get a cup of fresh tea as fast as possible. There is no need for artificial additives that will utterly alter the taste.

For many brands of tea, it takes around 8 months or longer until the product is available on the market. The harvested tea stays in warehouses and withers, losing some of its characteristic flavors and aromas. But with teakruthi, it takes less than 12 weeks. teakruthi employs small-batch just-in-time sourcing to ensure bulk stocks don't sit in warehouses, ensuring that all of its tea is served fresh.


Drinking a fresh cup of tea can drastically improve a person's health and improve the quality of life. Ceylon teas are greatly appreciated for their numerous benefits:

  • Anti-aging: Rich in antioxidants, Ceylon 'Silver Tip' white teas are really effective as an anti-aging remedy also with dermatological properties that can reduce acne.
  • Aiding digestion: Antioxidants present in the black tea work as a diuretic to detox body, helping overall kidney health, digestion, constipation and acid reflux.
  • Boosting immunity. Several teakruthi teas, such as Lemon flavored Lemon Kandy or Peach and Ginger flavored Two Seasons are rich in Vitamin C and Bioflavonoid Quercetin that acts as an anti-histamine and boosts immunity against cold and flu.
  • Fat loss. Green and oolong teas are rich in Catechins, help boost metabolism, and blocks the formation of new fat cells while boosting lipolysis.


In a world where biodiversity, climate change and an eco-friendly attitude have become major concerns, teakruthi adheres to environment protection principles. Ceylon tea doesn't use any hazardous pesticides (methyl bromides) and is certified 'Ozone friendly' by the Montreal Protocol, making it one of the "cleanest" teas on the planet. Most teakruthi teas are UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Ethical Tea Partnership certified. Eco-friendly tea lovers can have peace of mind, knowing that they support a company that fights for preserving Earth's natural resources and environment.

The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is a not for profit membership organization that strives to improve tea sustainability, the lives and livelihoods of tea plantation workers and smallholder farmers, and the environment in which tea is produced.

Ethical production of tea is also a major concern. The company has vowed to respect all international principles. That means no child labor, no exploitation and fair wages. Furthermore, the company donates a portion of all proceeds to scholarships for the children of plantation workers in Sri Lanka. It is a "give back" policy that makes them really appreciated by the community.


All tea leaves have the same origin and are not mixed with leaves of inferior quality. The company provides 100% Ceylon tea of highest quality possible. In the 19th century, the tea was so coveted that it was sold in London auctions at record prices, triggering the so-called "Ceylon Fever". At the time, the legendary Queen Victoria was a frequent consumer of Ceylon tea and she demanded only the best!

In addition to black teas, the most-known Ceylon teas, the company also sells green, white, and oolong teas from Ceylon. Rare and highly-appreciated teas, like 'Silver Needle' and Golden Tips are also available for purchase.


Some of the most popular blends sold by teakruthi include:


teakruthi delivers worldwide, except to Aland Islands, Bouvet Island, Brazil, British Indian Ocean Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and South Sudan. The largest market is represented by the United States, which makes 80% of sales volume.


The Ceylon Fever has passed a long time ago, but people across the globe remember the quality and benefits of Sri Lankan tea. This helped teakruthi grow its business really fast. It was estimated that more than 30,000 teakruthi cups of tea were served since the company was founded in 2017. That means more than 40 cups of tea per day.

The company's plans do not stop here. Tea lovers can now monetize their passion. The "teakruthi Ambassadors" program offers a 20% commission on all referred sales, providing a unique tracking link and access to promotional materials.


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