Finding Women Empowerment in South Korea With A Classic Tours Collection

New Tour by A Classic Tours Collection Features Women Empowerment in South Korea

There's more to touring South Korea than bright lights, big cities, bibimbaps and boy bands, and Debika Sen of A Classic Tours Collection is aiming to change that perception through her unique, refreshing South Korea Women Empowerment tour.

"When the Korea National Tourism office invited me to experience South Korea, I expected the same old tour focused on bright lights and pop culture," says Debika. "Instead, I experienced a transformative tour that culminated in a focus on girl power, the country's rich feminine history and a wonderous, inviting fusion of Western and Eastern life."

Debika hadn't thought of South Korea as a place of empowerment for women, which made this particular visit to South Korea so appealing.

Debika continues, "In traditional Korean society, women were denied access to education in an effort to maintain their subordination. Women were expected to be wives and mothers, their sole purpose to produce a male heir, and when that was complete, to maintain harmony for the men in the home. Today, South Korea is a country with modern feminist views set against a traditional backdrop. So, I set out to create a tour—by women, for women—where local women and social justice supporters can connect with women of a visiting country, understand their journey through life, their identities and the common threads that connect us all, regardless of culture or background."

The South Korea Women Empowerment tour focuses on women and their influence on the country's customs and history, from the time they were taken as slaves—or ‘comfort women'—during the Japanese occupation, to the turn toward feminism when Korea became a democracy. Travelers also have the opportunity to experience broader historical South Korean culture, including:

  • Participate in a traditional tea ceremony
  • Learn about and experience wearing a ‘Hanbok' (a historical garment)
  • Meet the famed Haenyeo women, the amazing ocean divers known for their independence, strong will and determination
  • Visit the Hangeul museum—where the written South Korean language was ‘invented'
  • Enjoy tour staples, from incredible food and meditation to massages and luxury, boutique hotels

In addition to South Korea, A Classic Tours Collection offers a selection of Women Empowerment tours to several countries, including: Croatia, India, Japan and Tahiti.

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