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Backed by a 200 Million Investor Blockchain-powered Investment Platform, Roobee Is Launching Service with $10 Investment Threshold


Roobee blockchain-powered platform
announced its plans to
launch an investment service for use by Generation Z & Y investors after
having received the support of a prominent investor backed by over 200
million dollars in capital.

The Roobee next-gen investment platform, which is preparing to launch
full-scale operations by early 2020, is being designed to aggregate
various investment instruments from different markets and provide retail
investors with instant access to them free-of-charge.

To market the main idea of the company — creating the Uber of the world
of investing — Roobee specialists are combining cutting-edge
technologies with a proven business model. Artificial Intelligence is
used to help users compile an individual portfolio of investment tools
from stock, venture capital, real estate, loans, IPOs, and
cryptocurrencies markets. It also ensures that only verified companies
like Airbnb and Apple are included on the platform. A high level of
transparency, security, and speed necessary when dealing with funds will
be reached through the employment of blockchain. In particular, the
developers will equip the platform with credible and accurate statistics
tools, which will show the real profitability of each investment tool.
The history of investments will be also recorded on the blockchain to
prove that they belong to particular users.

Special attention is paid to the safe storage of funds ensured through
partnerships with the world's largest companies. As part of an exclusive
option, the platform will grant investors with decentralized wallet
which guarantees that access to individual private keys belongs to the
user only.

The Roobee's system and philosophy seek to achieve equality among
customers. By investing even $10, an ordinary user will be able to get
the same profitability and access to investment tools as investors with
budgets of $1,000,000.

The Roobee project has already successfully completed the first stage of
financing on the Pre-Seed round participated by large investors. In
particular, 10,955 ETH (~$4,500,000) has been invested by a 200m_trader,
known as one of early investors of world-renowned blockchain startups
Ethereum and EOS. In June 2017 he went on Bloomberg pages after turning
$55 million into $283 million in a month. "I only invest in
projects that can reach a capitalization of $1bn within the time frame
of 5 years. I see this potential in Roobee. I followed the same
guidelines investing in Ethereum back in 2014"
, explains the

Roobee has already circulated over $15,000,000 through its test system.
The platform's business model has allowed over 5,000 people to transfer
an estimated 21,000 ETH (~$15 mil.) to investment and venture funds, as
well as blockchain projects during their private rounds. Over 200,000
potential clients form the platform's community.

"We want to give ordinary users the same investment opportunities
and privileges that rich people have. So that investing even $10 in
well-known and reliable investment tools with a high entry threshold
could become affordable for those having small budgets. The Roobee
product is designed in such a way that even smaller investors could
diversify risks and compile a portfolio of various market instruments
(venture, stock, loans, etc.) in one click. At the same time, we will
make the interface easy-to-use for any type of investor and credible
investment return statistics ensured through the use of blockchain. We
want people to improve their quality of life with Roobee and oppose rash
investments (investing their last savings, borrowed money, etc.),"

as stated by Artem Popov, co-founder of Roobee.

Further plans for Roobee include the preparation for the seed-round,
which are currently being finalized. Financing of Roobee at the given
stage will be made through crowd-investing with the sale of shares and
through venture investments. Roobee is planning to release the first MVP
version in Q1 2019 and expects over 10,000 whitelist submissions from
people eager to use the product by March 2019. According to Roobee's
estimates, the platform's user base will increase to 100,000 by late
2019/early 2020. The company expects the number of platform users to
surpass 1,000,000 and its market cap to reach $1bn by 2024.

More details about Roobee can be found at

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