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iClick Interactive Extends its Business Intelligence Solutions with Smart Government Initiative


Data solutions to attract more companies to the Hefei National
High-tech Industry Development Zone in smart city push

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited ("iClick") (NASDAQ:ICLK), a
leading independent online marketing and data technology platform
in China, today announced that an intention to cooperate had been
officially reached with the China Speech Valley and Quantum Center of
Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone ("China Speech
Valley"). Over the next three years, iClick will fully support China
Speech Valley in building a more precise, intelligent and efficient
public service platform conceptualizing smart government through the
company's SaaS based Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

iClick has developed data-driven BI solutions in a number of different
sectors. This new initiative is the first for the company in the area of
smart government but demonstrates the power and potential application in
a wide area of organisational activity.

Dr. Jian Tang, COO, CTO and Co-founder of iClick said, "We are thrilled
to partner with China Speech Valley and to work together on the
construction of a state-of-the-art, intelligent public services
platform. We are committed to supporting Hefei's long term economic
development and are excited to see our BI applications' potential in
establishing a new benchmark in smart government. This follows iClick's
previous successful launches in other fields such as new retail,
transportation and real estate."

Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province located in the central-eastern
region of China. Established in 1991, Hefei National High-tech Industry
Development Zone is one of the nation's first such zones. Since
inception the area has established a strong ecosystem and vibrant
industrial clusters in areas such as biomedicine, next-generation
information technology and smart appliances.

iClick's BI solutions will optimize the zone's data capabilities and
foster more business opportunities for the thousands of enterprises
established there by strengthening the digital infrastructure and
constructing a smart business platform via the following three aspects:

(1) Breaking down data silos and establishing a unified and
transparent service platform
- By integrating the once fragmented
data of China Speech Valley and all enterprises located in the high-tech
zone, iClick can develop a unified and interconnected service platform
which facilitates resource management, information sharing and data
storage and analysis. This will encourage the connectivity and exchange
between enterprises and across industries through a standardized service

(2) Ensuring information security and data privacy – China Speech
Valley attaches particular importance to data security and privacy
protection. iClick's data encryption solution groups data of similar
enterprises based on project category and hides sensitive information
such as contact number, name, age, and company name, shoring up data
security to the highest possible level.

(3) Allowing more precise user targeting – With iClick's Data
Management Platform (DMP) and location-based services (LBS) technology,
China Speech Valley will be able to analyze the data of all enterprises
in the tech zone more effectively. In addition, it will improve the
accuracy of real-time messages to target enterprises, enhancing the
quality of services and lowering the communication costs at the same

Smart government is one aspect of developing smart cities and over the
past decade, countries around the world are investing a significant
amount in related initiatives. According to Deloitte's "Super Smart
City" report, there are over 1,000 smart city projects ready or under
construction worldwide today, whereas China houses the world's most
smart city projects under construction with its 500 pilot cities.
Increased GDP, improved quality of life and enhanced safety and health
are among the proven benefits of smart cities.

About iClick Interactive Asia Limited

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (NASDAQ:ICLK) is an independent
online marketing technology platform that connects worldwide marketers
with audiences in China. Built on cutting-edge technologies, our
proprietary platform possesses omni-channel marketing capabilities and
fulfills various marketing objectives in a data-driven and automated
manner, helping both international and domestic marketers reach their
target audiences in China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, iClick
Interactive was established in 2009, currently operating in eight
locations worldwide including Asia and London.

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success in implementing its mobile strategies; relative percentage of
its gross billing recognized as net revenues under the gross and net
models; its ability to retain existing clients or attract new ones; its
ability to retain content distribution channels and negotiate favourable
contractual terms; market competition, including from independent online
marketing technology platforms as well as large and well-established
internet companies; market acceptance of online marketing technology
solutions; effectiveness of its algorithms and data engines; its ability
to collect and use data from various sources; fluctuations in foreign
exchange rates; and general economic conditions in China. Further
information regarding these and other risks is included in the Company's
annual report on Form 20-F and other filings with the SEC. All
information provided in this press release and in the attachments is as
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