Tyson Zahner, Attraction Marketing Expert, Reveals Five Strategies to Use to Attract Leads with Social Media

JACKSON, Mo., Dec. 20, 2018  /PRNewswire-PRWeb/  Tyson Zahner, attraction marketing specialist and creator of Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days, recently revealed how to attract customers using his five social media marketing strategies. In an informational video, "How to Attract Customers - 5 Marketing Strategies to Dominate Social Media," Zahner explains that after implementing these five tactics he now receives approximately 200 leads each day and has been top earner—three times over—in a direct sales company he promotes. In the nine-minute training, Zahner shares his proven methods for how small business owners can attract leads without feeling like they are chasing customers. Zahner shared, "Are you wondering how you can market your business online using social media, where you actually attract buyers instead of having to chase people around? Today, I am going to tell you the five best ways that I have used to market my business online—very, very effectively. I get 200 leads every single day using these strategies. I have been a three time top earner in one of the companies I promote and I've taught these strategies all over the country to other entrepreneurs, just like you. You will be able to implement these strategies right away."

Zahner revealed that there are five questions that need answering in order to use his five strategies, "In order to use these five strategies, you first need to ask yourself these five questions. What kind of questions are my prospects asking right before making a buying decision? What problems and frustrations are my prospects currently dealing with that "my thing" can solve? Has anyone ever experienced something awful because they did not have "your thing?" Has anyone ever gotten great results from using your product or service? And what tips could you give a passionate audience?"

Elaborating on the first question and strategy, Zahner explained, "First what you need to ask yourself is this: Do my prospects ever ask a question prior to making a buying decision? I'll give you an example, one of the businesses that I own is a photography studio. When I market online, I wonder what someone would be thinking right before they get ready to make a purchasing decision for photography, portrait photography, or let's say family portraits. What are some things they might be going to Google? What are questions they might be asking where I can put a valuable answer in front of them to get them reaching out to me? They might be asking things like what do we wear for family portraits? Or what's the best time of year for family pictures? Anytime I can, I want to answer my prospects questions. We want to look for buyer intent types of questions that we can answer to attract the customer."

The second tactic that Zahner uses to attract buyers is helping someone solve their problems. Zahner explained, "On strategy, or question, number two you should ask: Do my prospects struggle with any problems or frustrations that "my thing" can solve? Or, are they frustrated by something where my product, or my knowledge, or my service can help them? One of my other businesses that I have is a coaching and training company. We sell information products, we have a coaching program for business owners and entrepreneurs. One of the things I do is ask myself what problems people are dealing with in their business. I can help someone solve that problem for free to attract them to me. You can do the same thing in your business. The real secret here is if you are talking about your product instead of your prospect, you are doing it wrong."

The third strategy that Zahner revealed is sharing stories of someone where something bad happened because they did not utilize a product. Zahner continued, "Do you have any stories of people who have experienced something awful because they didn't use your product? Maybe they used a competitor's product, or they didn't know about your product at all, or they weren't informed the right way. Let's say that maybe you've got a weight loss product and people aren't losing weight because they're using the wrong diet information or the wrong exercise information. Something awful happened, they got diabetes and died. People on social media respond to stories. Stories are one of the most powerful things that you can utilize in your marketing."

The Attraction marketing expert goes on to talk about his fourth method, "Strategy four looks at the flipside of the awful story: Do you have any positive stories? Do you have any great results or testimonials of people who've gotten amazing results with your product, service, or opportunity? If somebody's lost a bunch of weight on your product, you could talk about what their life was like before and how they can now play with their kids. They don't want to hear about your product. They want you to remind them of the promised land—what's possible. They want you to give them hope of what and how their life will be different."

To attract passionate buyers, Zahner reveals his fifth tactic, "Do you have a passion product where people would enjoy tips for how to increase their enjoyment out of that product? Many people tell me, 'Tyson, my problem is my product doesn't solve a problem. I sell wine or jewelry and I don't know that my jewelry really solves a problem. I don't know that my wine solves a problem.'" (Zahner jokes that perhaps his wife would beg to differ about wine not solving problems after she's had a long day with the kids). But ultimately, this fifth strategy is all about helping your prospects derive more enjoyment out of the thing they are already passionate about. If "that thing" they're passionate about happens to be your product, Zahner suggests that you "give your audience really valuable tips to help them extract more enjoyment out of something they already love."

In conclusion, Zahner stated, "Whatever your passion niche is, analyze how you can give tips that would attract a passionate audience. These are the types of people that I want to attract. I don't want to attract just anybody. I only want the people who are most likely to buy my product—and these five messages are going to help you attract them."

Tyson Zahner is an entrepreneur, coach, and specialist in the field of attraction marketing. He began his first business when he was 17 years old. He has decades of experience in running both brick and mortar as well as internet based business. Through his program, Attract 100 leads in 30 days, Zahner assists small business owners in attracting more prospects, getting more leads, and automating their marketing—all without a website, expensive software, or cumbersome tools.

About Tyson Zahner:
Tyson Zahner is a coach, speaker, and trainer. Zahner's signature attraction marketing course is Attract 100 leads in 30 days. His program is a step-by-step, home study course designed to teach entrepreneurs how to quickly generate leads. The course prides itself on obtaining high-quality leads with very little technical skill or setup.

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