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Gluent Offers Amazon EMR, S3 and Oracle 18c Database Support with Version 3.0 of the Gluent Data Platform


DALLAS, Dec. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Just 3 months after its 2.11 release, Gluent once again delivers a giant leap forward for companies who are continuing to embrace the world of hybrid data.

Providing a faster route to cloud integration and a higher level of self-sufficiency, Gluent's 3.0 release improves customer flexibility with support for two of Amazon's premier cloud services, Amazon EMR and Amazon S3. Customers can now offload their RDBMS data directly to Amazon EMR to kickstart their Cloud adoption or to continue to implement their existing Cloud strategies. Customers may also choose Amazon S3 as a storage option for all or some of the data that is offloaded to Hadoop by Gluent Offload Engine, without loss of functionality. This provides the capability to move data directly to S3 in an open data format that can be consumed directly by many engines or reporting tools.

The new release also introduces certification for use with Oracle Database 18c, including Oracle 18c XE, extending the range of supported RDBMS and Hadoop vendor configurations available.

A wide array of functional and performance enhancements is also included with version 3.0. For example, the ability to support an overlap of data between the RDBMS and the Hadoop platform and dynamically adjust the "high-water mark" which defines where the data will be pulled from.

To coincide with the 3.0 release, Gluent also announces the Gluent Advisor Portal, a self-service application for customers to generate and view Advisor reports.

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Gluent's mission is to connect all enterprise data to all applications, old and new. Liberating data from proprietary databases and legacy storage systems into the new world of cost effective and scalable distributed storage and compute is an important part of this plan. Gluent provides a seamless and transparent migration path for RDBMS data to Hadoop, and vice versa, with fully automated replication and synchronization. Thanks to Gluent's patented technology, existing applications can continue using existing SQL and procedural codebase as usual, eliminating the need for rewrites. By providing transparent access to all data, regardless if it resides in a RDBMS or in Hadoop, companies investments in existing database systems stays relevant in the new hybrid world while providing a seamless path to data modernization in the new Big Data and cloud-based world.

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