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Materion and Eutectix Announce Licensing Agreement for Bulk Metallic Glass


Materion Corporation (NYSE:MTRN) announced that it has entered into an
intellectual property licensing agreement with New Jersey-based Eutectix
LLC. The agreement, which is effective October 22, 2018, grants to
Eutectix, a manufacturer of specialty alloys and master alloys, a
license to the entire Materion bulk metallic glass patent portfolio and
to any and all patents arising therefrom, which license is exclusive for
the first five years. In 2010, Materion was one of the first in the
industry to begin producing high quality alloys for use in bulk metallic
glass manufacturing applications.

"Our agreement with Eutectix presents a unique opportunity to increase
market penetration of this exciting value-creating technology," said
Clive Grannum, President Materion Performance Alloys and Composites.

"We are very excited to move forward with this agreement," said John de
Neufville, Chief Executive Officer for Eutectix. "Customers can expect
the same reliable quality and service that they have come to know when
working with Materion."

The enhanced business relationship will begin immediately. As part of
this change, Jason Clune, Manager, Application & Business Development
and Nick Hutchinson, Senior Engineer for Materion will transition into
new roles with Eutectix.

About Materion:

Materion Corporation is headquartered in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. The
Company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, supplies highly
engineered advanced materials to global markets. Our unique product
portfolio includes high
performance alloys
metal strip
, ceramics, inorganic
packaging materials
film coatings
 and thin
film deposition materials

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About Eutectix:

LLC manufactures metal alloys and alloy powders at its facilities in
Troy Michigan and Tolleson, Arizona. In addition to its manufacture of
bulk metallic glass alloys, Eutectix produces samarium-cobalt and
iron-neodymium-boron rare earth magnet alloys, various superalloy rods
for further fabrication into welding wire, various alloys for hydride
batteries and hydrogen fuel storage, and master alloys as ingredients
for superalloy and alnico magnet production.

Eutectix LLC was founded in 2014 via the acquisition of the Great
Western Technology manufacturing facility in Troy, MI. The facility had
originally been created by the Ovonic Battery Company subsidiary of
Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. to develop and manufacture alloy powders
for the early nickel metal hydride batteries. Subsequently, the entire
manufacturing facility of Molycorp Metals and Alloys in Tolleson, AZ,
historically focused on manufacturing rare earth magnet metals and alloy
powders, was acquired in 2016.

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