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Mellanox Ethernet Adapter Facilitates High Performance Network Solutions at Alibaba


Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ:MLNX), a leading supplier of
high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data
center servers and storage systems, today announced that its RDMA over
Ethernet (RoCE) 25Gbps ConnectX network adapters have been successfully
deployed in Alibaba Infrastructure Services' production network.
Alibaba, one of the world's largest online and mobile e-commerce
companies, leverages RDMA's high throughput and low latency to
accelerate the performance of a wide range of applications, including
its key online services.

"High performance network transport technology is critical for Alibaba
to achieve the throughput and latency required by our services. We are
excited to collaborate with Mellanox to deploy its RoCE technology into
our infrastructure." said Dennis Cai, Chief Architect of Network
Infrastructure under Alibaba Infrastructure Services.

"Mellanox has pioneered RoCE technology and is now shipping its 7th
generation of RoCE capable ConnectX network adapters," said Amir
Prescher, senior vice president of business development at Mellanox
Technologies. "Alibaba's successful large-scale deployment of ConnectX
RoCE adapters confirms again that RoCE is a proven technology to
accelerate the most demanding workloads in a cost-effective manner. We
are thrilled to work with Alibaba to achieve this."

RDMA technology provides Remote Direct Memory Access from the
memory of one host to the memory of another host without involving the
operating system and CPU, therefore boosting network and host
performance with low latency, low CPU load and high bandwidth. RoCE is
an industry standard protocol which allows all the advantages of RDMA on
existing Ethernet infrastructures. RoCE has been a natural choice for
deployment of distributed cloud storage customers searching for
solutions to take advantage of improved storage media performance and
the growth of node storage capacity.

Mellanox ConnectX network adapters include a range of RoCE centric
accelerations, enabling best-in-class performance, scalability,
stability and ease of use while achieving significant cost savings
compared with non-RDMA based solutions. Among these capabilities are:

  • Sub 1us point-to-point latency
  • Close to zero CPU utilization at full wire speed
  • Scalability to thousands of nodes
  • Outstanding performance on all types of fabrics – from lossless to
  • Ease of deployment through automation

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Mellanox Technologies (NASDAQ:MLNX) is a leading supplier of end-to-end
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