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5 Reasons Why Tamper Seal Companies Should Utilize Email Marketing


NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital marketing agency, fishbat, shares five reasons why tamper seals companies should utilize email marketing.

Some people claim that email is dead and social media is the king. Although social media is extremely powerful for businesses, email marketing still holds tremendous value. In fact, there are certain aspects that make email marketing the best choice for driving results.

Here are five reasons why tamper seal companies should utilize email marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy.

  1. Email is convenient. Emails allow you to reach more mobile users than almost any other mode of communication. Today's consumer is increasingly shifting towards mobile. Although they may not always be purchasing via a mobile device, checking email is done frequently by most users on mobile devices. Customers can stay connected with your brand no matter where they are, and if inclined to do so, can shop on their phones directly from codes and links in your emails.
  2. Emails can be personalized. Emails let you personalize your message far more than other digital platforms. Consumers tend to respond best to messages that are personalized, whether by name or by product recommendation, so this is an excellent way to drive results.
  3. Emails are instant, but don't need immediate attention. With email marketing, you can send out exclusive and last-minute deals in ways that you can't with other digital platforms. Unlike social media posts that are subject to timeline algorithms, if a consumer doesn't see your email right away, it will be right there in their inbox ready to view whenever it's convenient.
  4. There are many types of content you can offer via email. People sign-up for emails from your brand for a variety of reasons. The most popular reasons are for access to coupons, promotions, rewards programs, company updates, contests, content, and exclusive brand updates. But as long as the content resonates with your audience, there is no limit to what kind of content you can share through email.
  5. Email marketing is cost-efficient. Part of a marketing strategy is finding the best way to reach the most people for the least amount of money. The costs involved with email marketing are relatively low.

When designing an email marketing campaign, be sure to keep the text clean and simple, use impactful images but use them sparingly, use CTA buttons to drive action, and make sure your email is optimized for mobile devices for the most success.

About fishbat: fishbat is a full-service digital marketing firm and social media agency dedicated to connecting all types of businesses, like American Casting & Manufacturing tamper seal company, with their target audiences in the most effective and efficient way. Through innovative strategies in social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), branding, web design, reputation management and public relations, fishbat promotes a consistent and professional online voice for all of its clients.

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