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Harts Services Offers Four Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter


TACOMA, Wash., Nov. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Harts Services, a top-rated Tacoma plumbing company with a 4.9 review rating on Google, is providing Tacoma homeowners tips to make sure their plumbing is prepared for the cold of winter.

Tacoma, Washington plumbing company, Harts Services, advises homeowners to insulate their pipes to prepare for winter.

"As the temperature drops, freezing water poses a real threat to pipes and plumbing," said Richard Hart, co-owner of Harts Services. "And while a frozen pipe has the potential to cause a disaster, there are some simple, inexpensive measures homeowners can take to give themselves peace of mind when it gets cold. These measures can also save money on utilities and allow Tacomans to avoid other hassles." 

Hart recommends homeowners do the following before winter and consistent sub-freezing temperatures arrive:

  1. Insulate exposed pipes – To project against freezing, pipes in crawl spaces, garages, basements and other parts of the home which aren't climate controlled should be insulated. Insulation also helps make sure hot water stays hot while traveling through the home.
  2. Wrap your water heater – Many homes have water heaters located in the garage or basement – areas that aren't climate controlled. Wrapping insulation around water heaters that may be exposed to cold temperatures can increase the efficiency of your unit and save on utilities.
  3. Place insulation on exposed well heads Homes that use well water need to cover and insulate any above-ground portions of a well head to prevent freezing.
  4. Shield the home from wind – Wind can carry cold air into your home, putting your pipes at greater risk of freezing. To combat the wind, any open foundation or crawl space vents should be closed. Use spray foam to fill any cracks or gaps in a foundation and crawl spaces to keep the wind out.

"Basically it comes down to making sure pipes are insulated," Hart said. "Pipes that don't have that protective barrier are at higher risk for freezing, which can cause serious problems. But if you just take the time to make sure these exposed pipes are wrapped, you shouldn't have any problems."

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About Harts Services

Harts Services was founded in Tacoma in 2013 by co-owners Richard Hart and Dan Hartsough. Harts Services offers plumbing to residential and commercial customers, and has a 4.9/5 rating on Google. Guided by its motto, We Care More, the company is committed to incorporating a caring attitude into every aspect of the business. For more information, call 1-253-345-7222 or visit  

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