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Federal Court Rejects Veeva's Attack on Medidata's Theft of Trade Secret Claims


The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York
has rejected Veeva's motion to dismiss Medidata's complaint against
Veeva for theft of trade secrets, the company announced today.

"The Court's decision allows us to continue with our effort to hold
Veeva accountable for its illegal and unethical misappropriation of
Medidata's valuable proprietary information and trade secrets," said
Erik Snider, senior director of corporate communications at Medidata.
"For close to 20 years, Medidata has been a market leader through
constant innovation, strong customer relationships and a firm commitment
to advancing science, all while operating with integrity. Medidata
recognizes and respects the importance of intellectual property. We
remain steadfast in the protection of our trade secrets, which our
employees have worked so hard to create."

In Monday's decision:

  • The Court rejected Veeva's argument that the complaint's description
    of Medidata's trade secrets was insufficient.
  • To the contrary, the Court stated that the allegations were detailed
    and thorough, and the court upheld each and every one of the claims
    that Medidata asserted against Veeva.

Medidata alleges that Veeva willfully and deliberately stole the
company's trade secrets, which include confidential and proprietary
information relating to the development, marketing and sale of
Medidata's industry-leading technology solutions and services for
clinical research and trials.

In its complaint, Medidata explains how Veeva obtained Medidata's trade
secrets and confidential information by deliberately targeting
Medidata's employees and inducing them to violate their contractual and
other obligations to Medidata, rather than competing fairly with
Medidata on a level playing field.

Medidata's complaint seeks injunctive relief and recovery of damages
that it has suffered as a result of Veeva's theft and use of its trade

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