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T-Mobile ONE Packs in $1550.71 of Extra Value per Year

  • What's the news: The extra value packed into T-Mobile ONE is
    estimated to be up to $1550.71 annually after all its individual perks
    and benefits are considered, according to analysis by Strategy
    Analytics. That's on top of unlimited data, talk and text.
  • Why it matters: Wireless customers simply get more with
    T-Mobile ONE. The nearest competitor gives customers less than half
    the included value in T-Mobile ONE.
  • Who it's for: People who like more. A lot more.

There is no better total value in the wireless industry than T-Mobile
. In a recent study, industry analyst firm Strategy
determined the total additive value T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) customers receive with T-Mobile ONE really packs a punch – up to
$1550.71 per line per year to be exact. For a family of four, it
could add up to as much as $5150.59. And that's on top of unlimited
talk, text and data and the industry's best customer care with Team of
Experts. T-Mobile ONE has all the value and extras that most customers
want for just $40 per line for a family of four with autopay. It's one
of many reasons T-Mobile continues its record-setting growth, adding
more than one million customers 22 quarters in a row.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

"This latest analysis proves what our customers already know – T-Mobile
ONE is the hands-down best value in wireless," said John Legere, CEO of
T-Mobile. "T-Mobile ONE customers just get so many extras – and now with
their own dedicated Team of Experts and exclusive magenta benefits at
Live Nation events, they get more than ever. We're always looking for
ways to make and keep our customers the happiest in wireless, and we
won't stop!"

"In our comparison of value-add features in wireless plans, T-Mobile ONE
stands out as a clear leader," said Susan Welsh de Grimaldo of Strategy
Analytics. "Through the inclusion of taxes and fees and a wide range of
offers with broad appeal across sports, travel, video and retail,
T-Mobile ONE can bring customers more than $1500 in value adds per year
– that's a significant benefit that no other carrier comes close to
providing in comparable plans."

According to the analysis, the carriers' comparably priced plans don't
even come close to matching the value of T-Mobile ONE – not one of them
even reaches a $500 per line per year value add for customers. That's
because T-Mobile ONE is jam packed with extras that customers love,

  • Taxes & Fees Included. With T-Mobile ONE, the price
    advertised is the price you pay…period. Yep, your taxes and fees are
    included in – not in addition to – the cost of T-Mobile ONE. That's an
    estimated cost savings of $66.96/year on average!
  • Netflix on Us. T-Mobile ONE customers with two or more lines
    get a standard two-screen Netflix subscription, worth $10.99 a month,
    for free! So, stream your favorite TV shows and movies…it's all on
    T-Mobile, and it adds up to nearly $140/year value for a family of
  • Simple Global. With Simple Global, T-Mobile ONE customers get
    unlimited data and texting in more than 210 countries and
    destinations! Post and text photos, check your maps online, and stay
    connected when you travel abroad without worrying about bill shock
    when you get home – it could save you approximately $85/year.
  • Gogo In-flight Internet. T-Mobile ONE customers get unlimited
    texting all flight long and an hour of free Wi-Fi on Gogo-equipped
    domestic flights – a $21 average value based on the average number of
    flights taken by Americans every year!
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays. T-Mobile ONE customers get thanked with free
    stuff every Tuesday in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app – that could be over
    $966 in value this year alone! T-Mobile partners with brands customers
    love, like Amazon Music, Dunkin' Donuts, VUDU and Lyft…even Live
    Nation and Pandora
    (an additional $260 in value, BTW).
  • MLB.TV. A year-long subscription to MLB.TV will run you $115.99
    per year – or $0.00 three years in a row for T-Mobile ONE customers!
    It includes all the premium features of the MLB At Bat app (a $19.99
    value), with enhanced pitch tracking, home and away radio broadcasts
    and more.
  • Scam ID. T-Mobile ONE customers instantly see when calls come
    in from potential scammers for free ($35.88/year with some of the
    other guys) – it's built right into the Un-carrier network and there's
    nothing to install…it just works.

And on top of all that added value, T-Mobile ONE customers – and all
postpaid T-Mobile customers – now also get their own Team
of Experts
– that's a dedicated team, no bots, no bouncing, no BS.
Team of Experts means the end of the hated phone menu and the call
center runaround! Calling customer service sucks, so T-Mobile just made the
best care in wireless
even better…giving T-Mobile ONE customers
another big reason to be glad they're magenta.

$1550.71 is the equivalent of 364 Pumpkin Spice Lattes, 31 slow cookers
or 310 orders of avocado toast. And on Twitter,
Legere is asking his followers what they'd do with an extra $1550.71 and
making some wishes come true.

For the full Strategy Analytics report on the value of T-Mobile ONE,
head here.

T-Mobile ONE: During congestion, the small fraction of customers
using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to
data prioritization. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD
quality (480p). Tethering at max 3G speeds.

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As America's Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) is redefining
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