Vivaris Capital Declares Famela Ramos Winner of Chula Vista Elementary School Board Debate

Vivaris Capital Declares Famela Ramos Winner of Chula Vista Elementary School Board Debate

Asset Management Company Supports Fiscally Responsible Candidate Famela Ramos

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SAN DIEGO, Oct. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Vivaris Capital announced today its endorsement for Famela Ramos for the position of Chula Vista School Board for the November 6th Election and its declaration of Famela Ramos as the winner of the October 22nd PTA Debate at the Chula Vista Elementary School District. 

Vivaris Capital is a strategic asset management organization focusing on a multidisciplinary approach to obtaining maximum return for its investors through a variety of debt and equity mechanisms1.  J Christopher Mizer, Founder of Vivaris, previously published a peer-reviewed paper in the area of hematology with Famela Ramos2 and has supported her entry into politics.

Famela Ramos has a Nursing and Research background and has performed advanced research leading to a total of 7 peer reviewed publications in collaboration with internationally renowned universities  including University of California San Diego, University of Utah and Indiana University3,4,5,6,7.

"At the PTA Debate, Famela was an extremely effective advocate for fiscal responsibility of the School Board.  She was the only candidate to question the wisdom of entering into a $150 million bond extension that could encumber the District for the next 40 years. She also offered compelling insight into maintaining a financial reserve while increasing available resources in classrooms," said Mr. Mizer, who attended the Debate. "Famela advocated for accountability to students and parents and independence from Unions and special interest groups who receive preferential treatment in contracting.  Based on her performance, Famela clearly was the winner of the Debate."

"I believe the role of a school board is akin to a corporate board in which the members are held responsible for oversight of the institution. In my neighboring district a $30 million dollar budget mistake occurred8, I am committed to not allowing such incidents to occur in my School District," said Famela Ramos. "I am honored to have the endorsement of Vivaris Capital, an organization that has generated thousands of jobs and contributed to the development of technology and science in this country."  

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