Novo Nordisk and Sanofi brands rank best for the digital type 2 diabetes patient experience, study finds

Novo Nordisk and Sanofi brands rank best for the digital type 2 diabetes patient experience, study finds

DRG Digital's Patient Experience Index study ranks the makers of NovoLog and Apidra tops in delivering a quality online experience through their digital assets for patients

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NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Novo Nordisk and Sanofi lead the pack when it comes to delivering a standout online experience to U.S. patients in the crowded marketplace for type 2 diabetes treatments, a study from DRG Digital | Manhattan Research reveals. 

A review of 41 consumer-directed websites and apps created by six pharmaceutical companies for type 2 diabetes patients found that the drug makers' digital properties provided the best user experience in the category. Based on the study findings, DRG Digital recommends that type 2 diabetes brands take the following steps in developing digital assets around a product:

  • Seamlessly integrate digital assets by fielding a range of digital assets, bound together with solid asset integration strategies. For example, the navigation bar on Apidra's product website directs users to sibling assets, including other branded sites, along with unbranded disease education and social components.
  • Connect with patients emotionally by leveraging the patient voice in disease education and condition management assets. For example, unbranded assets supporting Novo Nordisk's diabetes brands feature patient-centric messaging to communicate to patients: "You're not alone."
  • Personalize patient support by offering customized treatment reminders, doctor discussion guides and health tracking tools in order to boost repeat visits, and by segmenting online content by stage of the patient journey. For example, Sanofi's Lantus website tailors content to patients who are new to insulin or those who are experienced users.
  • Facilitate deeper engagement through the use of automated tools like chatbots to triage inquiries and get patients the answers they need faster, and through interactive content like quizzes and questionnaires that pull patients in and help them navigate health decisions. For example, Novo Nordisk's unbranded diabetes website includes an automated chat feature dubbed "Ask Sophia," helping patients access disease and condition management information more quickly, while Merck's unbranded website for Januvia employs interactive quizzes to educate patients and caregivers.  

"Patient expectations of the online customer experience have grown steadily in recent years," said Rory Stanton, Director of Patient Research at DRG Digital. "Brands that focus on delivering a seamless digital brand experience will have a competitive advantage – especially in highly competitive markets like that for type 2 diabetes treatments."

DRG Digital's Patient Experience Index reports draw on findings from the Cybercitizen Health U.S. 2018 survey of 3,084 U.S. patients, together with expert analysis of the ecosystem of digital pharma assets surrounding a therapeutic area. Rankings are based on scoring of three broad criteria: content and features (including product info, disease info, financial access and facilitation of dialogue); user experience (including health literacy, navigation and mobile optimization); and asset spread (including effective use of a digital ecosystem and integration of digital platforms). In addition to type 2 diabetes, forthcoming reports in this series will assess pharma digital resources surrounding treatments for cancer, Crohn's Disease and multiple sclerosis.

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