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Thor Swap Releases Web 1.1.0 Version; Shares 5 secrets to buying Bitcoin and cryptos intelligently


Thor Swap Releases Web 1.1.0 Version; Shares 5 secrets to buying Bitcoin and cryptos intelligently

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SINGAPORE, Oct. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --, a crypto swap platform developed by Thor Network, released web 1.1.0 version on Oct.11thThe new version supports the atomic swap of token ERC20 at "Flash Swap" mode and cross chain asset swap of EOS, ETH and other cryptocurrencies at "Standard Swap" mode.

For someone new to the crypto asset trade, it may not be easy to find the best platform to use; now there are thousands of platforms for trading crypto assets around the world. From the user's perspective, an ideal platform for token trading must have the following characteristics:
- Justice. All transactions are processed fairly and no one can manipulate prices, manipulate orders or issue false assets.
- Security. Users do not have to worry about a company or third party stealing their assets.
- Speed. Millisecond response to market inquiries and commercial requests, and ideally it is not necessary to register.
- Liquidity. There are always enough counterparts for the user's transaction requests in a limited period of time.
- Reasonable cost Transaction fees are attractively low for users, but reasonably profitable for platform maintainers to sustain the long-term development of the platform.

Existing crypto exchanges mainly fall into two categories. Centralized exchanges generally have good liquidity and are fast enough, however most likely unfair to normal users. Current decentralized platforms are secure but weak in four other qualifying areas listed above. stands out from the rest of the crypto-asset trading platforms based on its decentralized atomic swap technologies, reserve pool model, and providing the best token swap service based on the initial five characteristics:

- Fair. Users always get the best price at the market, and all fees are clear. Users get refunded if the actual rate is worse than the rate listed on
- Secure. Flash mode and atomic mode are based on the cutting-edge atomic swap technology, and transactions are fully-decentralized.
- Fastest. No registration and no KYC. ERC20 trades can be finished in 1 minute, cross-chain transactions involving BTC could be finished in 20 minutes.
- Best liquidity. Its reserve liquidity pool ensures user requests are satisfied always, no need to wait.
- Low cost. No fee for withdrawing.

Thor Network provides leading decentralized exchange solutions that will greatly enhance the performance of existing DEXs and bring disruptive changes to the digital asset exchange. 

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