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Shelton Bowen's Newly Released "My Personal Angel Experience" Is the Remarkable True Story of the Author's Encounter With an Angel Who Saved Him From Certain Death


Shelton Bowen's Newly Released "My Personal Angel Experience" Is the Remarkable True Story of the Author's Encounter With an Angel Who Saved Him From Certain Death

"My Personal Angel Experience" from Christian Faith Publishing author Shelton Bowen is an unforgettable memoir that tells the story of the author's life-changing experience sixty-seven years ago when he was seven years old and suffered a near-fatal accident that caused liver and kidney failure. In the hospital, following the devastating news that he might not survive the night, he was visited by an angel and he received the miraculous healing touch of heaven.

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MEADVILLE, Pa., Oct. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "My Personal Angel Experience": an amazing personal account of a miracle. "My Personal Angel Experience" is the creation of published author Shelton Bowen, a retired business owner who had given his life to Christ at eleven years old and whose faith continues to grow to this day.

Author Shelton Bowen writes of the moment of healing, "She cupped my face in her warm hands, and all the fear and pain went away, and I felt a love that couldn't be described with words! She said, 'You won't die. I have been with you since before you were born, I will be with you for all the days of your life, and I will be with you when you go to the father. You will live to be a very old man with children of your own, and you will live to see their children and their children's children. You will have much to do in this life to help others, but first we will make you well. You will not see me again, but I will always be with you.' With that, she moved her hands up both sides of my face until her fingers touched my temples. She looked up toward the ceiling and bang! It was as though a bolt of lightning hit on both sides of my head. The sensation was electrifying. I once was hit by an electric fence that we used to keep in our horses. It felt like that but more intense."

Bowen shares, "I have been asked by others, 'Why now, after sixty-seven years of secrecy, have you decided to make public this time in your life?
I do owe an answer to that question, and here it is.

At the time of this beautiful happening in my life, I promised my parents, for fear of ridicule from my classmates and others, no mention would ever be made of just what went on in that hospital room. I have kept that promise until last year, when I was seventy-four years old.

I am a deacon in a Southern Baptist Church, and at that time, as part of my duties, I was sent to the bedside of a little white-haired ninety-two-year-old grandmother who had just hours left to live. While talking with her about what was about to happen, she asked me if I believed in angels. I knew then that I had to break my promise, so I told her my story. She smiled, and her eyes got really big. She told me, 'Honey, you don't hide a story like that; you need to celebrate it and tell others.' As she slipped away, she had a big smile on her face.
So, this is why now."

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Shelton Bowen's new book is a beautiful testament to God's mysterious and miraculous ways, manifested in an event so incredible that, though well documented by the hospitals and newspapers at the time, no one believed the author about the angel, and the secret was kept for decades.

Now at seventy-four years of age, Bowen bares all, bringing glory and gratitude once more to the God who saves—whether or not others believe.

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