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AxonIQ Launches New Open Source Server


AxonIQ Launches New Open Source Server

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UTRECHT, Netherlands, September 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

AxonIQ, the company behind the open source Axon Framework, launches Axon 4.0 the open, integrated development and operations tool for Microservices and Event Sourcing on the JVM.

Nowadays, many organizations prefer open source software and the enterprise products that often come with it. Last year, AxonIQ developed and launched products such as a purpose built event store - AxonDB, and a unified messaging platform for commands, events and queries - AxonHub.

These products became popular in modern software projects rapidly. In combination with the open source Axon Framework they accomplish amazing results. Non-functional requirements like scalability and performance are taken care of straight out of the box. AxonHub, AxonDB and AxonGDPR proved to save development time and significant configuration efforts.

"The value of a tight integration between Axon Framework and the Enterprise products is enormous. The communication, documentation, maintenance, support and usability are all very smooth in Axon 4.0," said Allard Buijze, CTO of AxonIQ.

The Axon 4.0 offering is of a high value to all of our current and future Axon Framework users. AxonIQ has decided to further increase its commitment to Open Source by making Axon 4.0 available for free under an Open Source license. This way customers can use the full Open Source software for production environments. For companies that are scaling up and require additional features we will also have an Enterprise version and specific extension packs.

Axon 4.0 is a complete Java development platform allowing teams to focus on functionality first while keeping the ability to scale out and distribute components when necessary. Starting with a structured monolith enables to speed up the delivery of innovation; extracting functional components later minimizes rework effort. Axon supports this evolutionary approach to Microservices and enables agile delivery to market.

The launch of the new open source offering is announced on 21st September 2018 at the AxonIQ Conference in Amsterdam and will be explained to all users, customers and community on October 18th, 2018 in the product launch webinar.

About AxonIQ 

Founded in 2017, AxonIQ is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, provides an Open Source integrated development and operations suite for Microservices and Event Sourcing on the JVM: Axon 4.0. For additional features and scaling it also provides an Enterprise Edition that can be enriched with several expansion packs.

AxonIQ offers professional development support and training. Axon is being used by a wide range of companies in highly demanding sectors such as healthcare, banking, insurance, logistics and public sector.


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