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Joshua Harris, Founder of Agency Growth Secrets, Announces Launch of U.S. Military Veteran Entrepreneur Website


Joshua Harris, Founder of Agency Growth Secrets, Announces Launch of U.S. Military Veteran Entrepreneur Website

Agency Growth Secrets founder, Josh Harris, announced the launch of his celebrates and supports successful U.S. Military Veteran Entrepreneurs.

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LARGO, Fla., Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Joshua Harris recently announced the launch of a U.S. Military Veteran Entrepreneur feature on his website, The featured highlights a series of veterans who have become successful entrepreneurs. Harris is on a mission to expand support for veteran entrepreneurs and encourage other military veterans to establish their own businesses. In addition, Josh Harris' website features a page where veterans can find organizations that will support them as they venture into the business world.

Josh Harris said, "I'm extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs launch their own businesses. I'm also passionate about supporting the heroes of our nation. Establishing a site where I can highlight veteran entrepreneur's success stories and inspire others, veterans and civilians alike, was the perfect converging of these passions. Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, but it's important to show veterans and others that this kind of success is possible for them."

The website features numerous veterans who have created their own paths to success. Some own small businesses while others own large Fortune 500 companies. The veteran entrepreneur feature includes quotes from each of the veteran businessmen and women, with many of them noting that the skills they learned in the military helped them to be more resilient and come out on top in the business world. Continuing, the founder of Agency Growth Secrets reviews why veterans make great entrepreneurs, "The discipline and drive veterans gain through their service make them perfectly suited for entrepreneurship. I've seen countless veterans take the skills they've learned in the military, develop them into successful careers, and go on to positively impact their community."

The U.S. Military Veteran Entrepreneur website includes a supplemental page that provides a variety of organizations and resources that can help veterans as they develop their own businesses. Harris concluded, "I'm on a mission to expand support for veteran entrepreneurs. When military service members exit the military, they have real world experience that will help them transition into leadership roles in business. Sometimes all they need is additional support and resources to show them how to get started. Our resources page includes organizations like the Support Warrior Project, the Arizona Veterans Business Outreach Center, and the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program."

Agency Growth Secrets is an online marketing agency that uses advanced data-targeting through artificial intelligence to create highly efficient marketing campaigns. The company's technology helps its clients to target customers who are ready to make a purchase.

Joshua Harris is an entrepreneur and founder of Agency Growth Secrets. Harris grew up in Illinois and was constantly creating new businesses throughout his childhood. When Harris originally started his first online marketing company, he did not see much success. With the help of a mentor, he was able to change up his business model and create rapid growth for his company. He founded Agency Growth Secrets in 2014. Harris has been featured in both Forbes and Entrepreneur. He is also a member of the elite entrepreneur group, The Oracles.

About Agency Growth Secrets:
Agency Growth Secrets is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency. Established by Josh Harris, Agency Growth Secrets (AGS) delivers highly qualified leads to clients by utilizing advanced technologies (including AI and machine learning). These advanced techniques have allowed AGS to decrease customer acquisition costs and optimize marketing efforts for their clients. Agency Growth Secrets is headquartered in Largo, Florida.


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