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CEIA Induction Heating Systems for Electrical Motor Application


CEIA Induction Heating Systems for Electrical Motor Application

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TWINSBURG, Ohio, Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CEIA USA, a leading provider of Induction Generators, has worked extensively to use CEIA systems in electrical motor applications. Using the CEIA Master Controller equipped with the Thermal Profile working mode and the integrated Data Logger, the operator is able to set specific temperature profiles and temperature tolerances for quality control to monitor and to certify the heating process of each production item.

Magnet Bonding 
Curing in conventional ovens is time consuming, due to the time it takes to get the part to temperature. Furthermore, if components must be fixed or set during the process, expensive joining appliances are required. These costs can be saved by induction curing as the curing time is reduced by up to 90%. Induction curing minimizes the heat startup and curing times from hours to seconds.

Ring Brazing
Induction Brazing of Squirrel Cage Rotor technology is used to join the short-circuit copper rings on both ends of the rotor to the longitudinal conductive bars. The brazing alloy used is either Copper-Phosphorous, or Silver based alloy. The Heating Coil can be designed to heat up the work-piece from the outside, especially for small and medium size rings, or underneath the ring in the case of large and massive sizes.

Shrink Fitting
Induction shrink fitting technology is used to pre-heat metal components, causing their expansion and allowing the insertion, or removal, of another component. This Technology is now widely used in the following shrink-fit applications:

  • Electrical Stator into aluminum housing
  • Aluminum Housing into cooling jacket
  • Motor Shaft into magnets rotor package

Advantages of CEIA Induction Heating Systems

  • INCREASED PRODUCTION CAPACITY: Fast inductive heating for short cycle times
  • EFFICIENCY: Technically and economically ideal solution compared to traditional technologies
  • INCREASED PRODUCTION FLEXIBILITY: Easy adjustment of the induction coil for disparate component geometries
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: Induction requires a more modest footprint than an oven
  • EASY IN-LINE INTEGRATION: Induction Equipment and induction coil can be easily integrated into an automated process
  • PROCESS CONSISTENCY: The induction heating process produces extremely uniform and consistent heat
  • THERMAL PROFILE CONTROL: This function allows the workpiece to heat up with a specific temperature profile (linear ramp-up and holding at temperature) in order to get a high production quality
  • SAFER AND IMPROVED OPERATOR WORKING CONDITION: No naked flame, fumes or noises.
  • PROCESS CONTROLLABILITY: Unlike a traditional electric or gas furnace, the induction system requires no pre-heat cycle or controlled shutdown. The heat is available on demand. In addition to the benefits of rapid availability in the event of a downstream interruption to production, the power can be switched off thus saving energy.

About CEIA USA Induction Heating Systems: 
CEIA USA Induction Heating Systems provide a wide range of generators (Power Cube), control units (Master and Power Controllers), optical pyrometers (SH Series), wire solder dispensers (WF Series) and a complete line of accessories to customers in North America. For more information, visit  


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