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Engagious, in Conjunction with Axios, Releases Key Findings from "Persuadable" Voters Focus Group


Engagious, in Conjunction with Axios, Releases Key Findings from "Persuadable" Voters Focus Group

Report shows divide on whether country is headed in the right direction, but agreement on issues such as Trump's failure to "drain the swamp."

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NEW YORK and PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Customer insights and message testing consultancy Engagious recently conducted a two-hour focus group of "persuadable" voters to understand these voters' opinions and perceptions on the most significant issues leading up to the national midterm elections, and how these opinions shape their voting decisions.

"Persuadable" voters are those who voted for one major party's candidate in the 2012 presidential election, then switched and voted for the other major party's candidate in the 2016 presidential election (e.g., Obama-Trump or Romney-Clinton). This relatively recent classification of voters has played a critical role in determining the results of the last three presidential elections.

In conjunction with powerhouse media and news organization, Axios, Engagious conducted the focus group, which comprised of a cross-section of voters in Canton, Ohio. Canton was selected due to its relatively high number of "persuadable" voters, and Ohio being a key "swing state" for national elections. Five women and seven men participated in the session, ranging in age from 20 – 70 years old. All said they were "extremely likely" to vote in November. Rich Thau, President of Engagious, moderated the session.

(Download a detailed summary report here.)

Key findings include:

  • Voters split on if America is moving in the right direction with "Romney-Clinton" voters much more skeptical about where the country is heading versus "Obama-Trump" voters
  • Majority of voters want to see more women in office but it wasn't a decisive issue for them
  • Majority are not motivated by the notion of sending a message to President Trump with their vote in November
  • Majority agreed that President Trump has failed in his promise to "drain the swamp"
  • Majority of voters are not feeling the affects of "booming" economy
  • In hindsight, few voters would change how they voted in 2016

Alexi McCammond, Axios' Political Midterms Reporter, traveled to Canton, Ohio to observe the focus group session in real time.

"Engagious' focus group of six 'Obama-Trump' voters and six 'Romney-Clinton' voters enabled us to learn more about what swing voters were thinking in 2016, and how they feel about the current administration," said McCammond. "Turns out they're not too happy, and their dissatisfaction could benefit Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections."

Read key takeaways and analysis from Axios here: Change voters still want change: the lesson of an Ohio focus group and watch Axios highlights from the focus group here.

Engagious' Rich Thau, who moderated the session, commented, "Based on recent history, this group of voters will likely sway the midterm results. So, this was a great opportunity to gauge how the critical issues of the day will be impacting their mindset come Election Day in November."

Additional coverage, including the uncut recordings of the focus group sessions and a detailed summary report, can be found at here.

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