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Rebecca L. Morales's Newly Released "Bubbles and Streams, Wash Me Clean" is a Heartwarming Story About a Bully Who Learns to Clean up His Act


Rebecca L. Morales's Newly Released "Bubbles and Streams, Wash Me Clean" is a Heartwarming Story About a Bully Who Learns to Clean up His Act

"Bubbles and Streams, Wash Me Clean" from Christian Faith Publishing author Rebecca L. Morales is a sweet, inspiring children's rhyming story book about a boy named Bart who becomes the playground bully and doesn't have any friends left, and so he tries to literally clean up his act--with bubble baths, sunbathing, and playing in the river--but nothing works, until he meets a strange friend who helps him see things differently.

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MEADVILLE, Pa., Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "Bubbles and Streams, Wash Me Clean": a moving children's story about a boy who changes his ways for the better. "Bubbles and Streams, Wash Me Clean" is the creation of published author Rebecca L. Morales, a children's book writer who uses her rhymes to address bullying seriously while remaining entertaining and memorable.

Morales shares, " 'What is it about apologies that bothers you so?'
Bart answered, 'I think they're lame, if you really have to know.'
'But today I have been trying to change, and nothing has worked for me. I never thought it would be so hard. Maybe it's just not meant to be.'
'I will say this is unusual, Bart, even a little bit strange, but I'm sure there's a really good reason that you feel you need to change.'
'Well, I just found out I don't have any friends. It wasn't too hard to tell. Even the kids that I thought were my friends were not there for me when I fell.'
'You say you don't have any friends. Tell me, Bart, how can this be?'
'Well, I've been mean to other kids to try to feel good about me. I've made fun of kids at school with my words. I've picked on the small, the weak, and the nerds.'
'I tried to change by taking a bath. I even bathed in the sun. Not even this river could change me, but at least I've had some fun.'
Peter Pratt chuckled, 'I must say, my friend, you've had a really good start. But the problem is not on the outside, it really begins in the heart.' "

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Rebecca L. Morales's new book is a touching story written in rhyme, fun to read aloud, driving home the central lesson about how one's behavior toward others is a reflection of how one thinks of oneself.

As Bart's new friend Peter Pratt points out, one must see the value in oneself before one can be a good friend to others.

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