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Producer Anastasia Reinhard Brings Her Own Diversity to Her Film Projects


Producer Anastasia Reinhard Brings Her Own Diversity to Her Film Projects

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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Producer Anastasia Reinhard grew up between two traditions: the Russian and the German culture, and is deeply affected by both.

In Germany, she was perceived as a foreigner because she was Russian, and in Russia she was also perceived as a foreigner because she was German!

So paradoxically although she belonged to neither culture, she absolutely belonged to both!

While inspired by the accomplishments of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Greta Gerwig, and Reese Witherspoon, she came to the one place where she can weave all of those seemingly disparate elements into a successful career: Los Angeles, where she has worked hard to become an independent film producer.

Today she balances supporting female filmmakers with promoting cultural diversity.

So far she has worked with a variety of entertainment industry professionals, including DJ Ookay on his music video Thief and Carl Weathers on his short A Burger and A Bullet with Kimberly Ogletree.

She has also worked with Sean Blakemore and Ryan Simpkins. Right now, she's working with Randy Vazquez as the lead actor on a feature.

"I believe what we see on screen should reflect today's society. We interact with an increasing number of cultures every day. More than what we actually get to see on screen," Anastasia notes.

That's why she has decided to join the fight for diversity and variety. "People are tired of the same old story. The immense success of Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians attests to it!"

In her recent film Stand Up she made sure to have a balanced and diverse crew collaborating to create the comedy. Stand Up is the story of a young African graduate, played by Raymond Karago, who has to tell his conservative parents that he is a stand-up comedian. It is a portrayal of why it is important to stand up for your dreams.

Anastasia and Raymond Karago came together from very different backgrounds to make the magnificent story. Within only a few weeks following the completion Stand Up received its first award at the L.A. Shorts Film Festival.

Her passion and determination to have gender balance and diversity in her film projects is clearly reflected in the end results.

At the moment she's working on the new independent feature In the Defense Against Tyranny. The lead is a Mexican immigrant who struggles between doing the right thing for his family and the right thing for his career. "I fell in love with the writing and the diversity of the characters. Within a couple of pages, I wanted to know when we would begin pre-production."

Everyone who has decided to work in a creative field encounters numerous difficulties. But passionate, and talented people like Anastasia Reinhard overcome those difficulties by working hard, and sticking to personal principles, that uncompromising work its results are infinitely rewarding!

Anastasia Reinhard


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