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Resource West Announces The Release Of A New, Patented, Industrial Wastewater Evaporation Unit, APEX 2.0


Resource West Announces The Release Of A New, Patented, Industrial Wastewater Evaporation Unit, APEX 2.0

Resource West announces the release of a new, patented, industrial wastewater evaporation unit, APEX 2.0. This high-efficiency evaporator reduces energy use by 78%.

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Resource West announces the addition of an innovative and upgraded wastewater evaporation unit to replace its existing product line. The new APEX 2.0 has changed the standard for floating down draft evaporators by providing superior control of droplet size and dry aerosol plume. The APEX 2.0's new patented Axial Fan method delivers 21,000 SCFM utilizing 78% less power than all other evaporators on the market.

The drastic improvement in energy efficiency of the APEX 2.0 can be attributed to the new improved impeller design and the fan case guide vane design, which have allowed the Resource West engineering team to bring the required operating horsepower to an industry low of 5 HP. The average wastewater evaporation unit utilizes 25 to 40 HP.

"We have always focused our efforts on continuing advancements in technology and efficiency," said Jack Hays, CEO of Resource West. "It is rewarding when your research & development team is able to reinvent what the evaporation industry is doing, by creating a way to do it better, faster and far more efficiently than other competitors. Our new APEX 2.0 evaporators do just that."

Features of the APEX 2.0 include:

  • Stainless Steel and marine aluminum construction
  • Composite impeller
  • Stainless Steel submersible pump
  • High-wind operations
  • Lowest energy consumption on the market
  • Highest evaporation rate per kilowatt/joule
  • 12 Month parts & labor warranty

APEX 2.0 evaporation units can be used in any industry that produces wastewater or production water including: oil & gas, mining, chemical plants, power plants, compost facilities, food processing, wood processing, power generation, alcohol production, landfill leachate, Palm Oil, fruit or wine production, municipality waste treatment and RO reject. Find more information about the APEX 2.0 or other evaporator products offered by Resource West at    

About Resource West: Resource West has been providing wastewater disposal solutions since 2006. The company provides in-pond evaporators, on-shore evaporators, weather stations and above ground storage tanks to industries that have a need to remove excess wastewater and production water. Located in Grand Junction, CO, Resource West is an international manufacturer, with customers located throughout the United States and 17 additional countries.


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