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Canadian Annuity Broker, John Beaton, Finds Best Canadian Annuity Payouts


Canadian Annuity Broker, John Beaton, Finds Best Canadian Annuity Payouts

When is the best time to buy an annuity? Those in their twilight years with retirement investments in uncertain markets are urged to place some of their retirement funds into annuities.

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WHITE ROCK, B.C., Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Beaton Annuity Services specializes in Canadian annuity products. It can be found on-line at John Beaton, owner and senior annuity broker, has been in the annuity business for over 30 years and is well known in the Canadian insurance industry for the exemplary service he provides to his clients. You may already know of John through articles in Money Sense Magazine. As an annuity broker, John uses the annuity analytical services of Cannex ,, to research all types of annuities in the Canadian market place.

Each Canadian insurance company has its own team of actuaries, actively calculating how their annuity products are constructed to keep them profitable and also to stay competitive with similar annuity products offered by other insurance companies. Insurance company profit margins are constantly monitored, resulting in annuity rates being re-adjusted frequently, sometimes daily. This means that a consumer's search for the right product at the right time can be daunting.

Located in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, John Beaton often travels to service clients. John specializes in advising seniors about the advantages of annuities in their retirement years. John draws on significant life experiences to help him guide you to the most appropriate annuity fit for your specific needs. You will get valid, useful advice, specific to your request, even if it means that an annuity is not for you or delaying purchase of an annuity is better done at a later time. The time you spend with John will be free of pressure to buy. John's philosophy is that an annuity should only be a portion of your retirement portfolio. He will urge you to set aside enough savings to cover potential future emergency needs.

Please note, there are absolutely no fees to you for the time John spends with you. John is only compensated if you purchase an annuity through him. He is compensated by the individual insurance company you choose for your annuity.

After many years of doing business in Canadian annuity markets, John's services continue to simplify the process of shopping for the best that annuities offer. John's survey/comparison process allows his clients to more quickly consider the offerings of many more insurance companies than they would if they telephoned each company or arranged meetings with individual sales representatives. This translates into a real savings of time and money. John makes certain that his clients know and understand about the best guaranteed annuity payouts available for the best purchase price. Clients get a free printed quote showing exactly what is available from the major insurance companies, accompanied by expert advice.

John is contracted with virtually all Canadian life insurance companies, such as Canada Life, Sun Life, RBC Life, BMO Life, Empire Life and many others. Some insurance companies offer custom built annuities. Some offer only basic annuities and some are not active in the annuity market at all. Don't settle for an annuity from one source before comparing benefits from all annuity providers. If you don't shop the market, the result may be a substandard income for the rest of your life.

Learn more by asking questions directly to John by e-mail at john(at)annuitybrokers(dot)ca or toll free from anywhere in Canada at 1-800-667-8818.


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