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Life-Affirming Memoirs and Socio-Historical Fiction Highlighted in LibraryBub Selection for September


Life-Affirming Memoirs and Socio-Historical Fiction Highlighted in LibraryBub Selection for September

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LOS ANGELES, September 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

LibraryBub, founded in 2015, is a service that helps thousands of librarians to discover bestselling and award-winning books from the independent publishing sector. LibraryBub works with all major libraries and is the industry's first service connecting indie and small-press authors with libraries. Imbued with the enthusiasm and ambition of its founder, the bestselling author Alinka Rutkowska, the core commitment of LibraryBub is to help librarians to identify acclaimed books from the independent publishing sector.

The September list of remarkable books by self-publishing authors appears below. The featured publications have been acclaimed both by readers and critics while some have already become Amazon best sellers in their categories. Many of these books have achieved awards within the independent publishing sector. Moreover, these books are already enhancing the lives of their readers. Crime writer Karin Slaughter reveals how influential librarians can be: "Like many authors, I owe my career to the librarians who gave me great books to read… When I was a child, my mother would drop us off at the library every Saturday, where, under threat of death if we got into any trouble, we would quietly peruse the shelves to our hearts' content… Some of my adult interests are firmly rooted in the displays the librarians created, whether they were great battles of the Civil War or coin collecting through the ages." Librarians can make that kind of difference to people's lives and LibraryBub CEO Alinka Rutkowska is delighted to support them in that role. "It's very exciting to think of the cycle that is at work in libraries - the role of librarians in promoting books by present-day authors is instrumental in enthusiastic young readers growing up to be the next generation of authors. The future is in safe hands," she says. Rutkowska helps thousands of emerging authors achieve self-publishing success through her books, newsletters, services, courses and coaching.

Below is September's selection by category:


Literature & Fiction  

One Hundred Years of Marriage by Louise Farmer Smith ISBN: 978-0996439558

Perfection by Kathleen Wade ISBN: 978-1946697776

Mystery & Thriller  

Caught in a Web by Joseph Lewis ISBN: 978-1684330249

The Fenix Projects by Katie Soy ISBN: 978-1946697134

The Lake House Secret (Book One of the Jenessa Jones Mystery series) by Debra Burroughs ISBN: 978-1502526335

A Ton of Gold (Book One of the Crystal Moore Suspense series) by James R. Callan ISBN: 978-0692543702

A Silver Medallion (Book Two of the Crystal Moore Suspense series) by James R. Callan ISBN: 978-0692679227

Political Dirty Trick (Book Three of the Crystal Moore Suspense series) by James R. Callan ISBN: 978-1732122703


The House of Tomorrow (Book One of the Paul Gregory series) by Adair Arlen ISBN: 978-1494329921

Science Fiction & Fantasy 

Returning Souls by Ernestine B. Colombo ISBN: 978-1627472555


The Jaguar's Story by Kosa Ely ISBN: 978-0999665404

Johnny Big-Ears: The Feel-Good Friend by John Paul Padilla ISBN: 978-0985313715

Sam: The Cat without a Tail by Gloria Lintermans ISBN: 978-1613431207


Biographies & Memoirs  

I Am Still a Rose by Tonya Barbee ISBN: 978-1719376143

Shaped by Kaye Hollings ISBN: 978-0648101673


Public Speaking Super Powers! by Carma Spence ISBN: 978-1640853324

Health & Fitness 

The Book of Balance: rehab secrets to improve your balance and decrease your risk of falling by Lex Gonzales ISBN: 978-1985646483

Coconut Head's Cancer Survival Guide by Holly Bertone ISBN: 978-1492144182

How I Beat Macular Degeneration in the Early Stages and How You Can, Too! by Alan N. McClain ISBN: 978-1515250500

Politics & Social Sciences 

The Costly U.S. Prison System by Paul Brakke ISBN: 978-1977607591

Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons by Neal Gorenflo ISBN: 978-0999244005

Writing Skills 

Writing to Be Understood: what works and why by Anne Janzer ISBN: 978-0999624821

Jennifer Geist, of Brick Mantel Books, an indie publisher based in Indiana, was impressed by how the LibraryBub press release concerning Kate Kort's novel Laika "was picked up by major news outlets, increasing the marketing reach". "LibraryBub helped us get Laika in front of librarians," she observed. "We noticed an immediate jump in our Amazon sales rank, and we look forward to seeing how many librarians order it later during their purchasing periods."

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