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KinBox Launches Unique Website for Families to Share Their Stories


KinBox Launches Unique Website for Families to Share Their Stories

KinBox offers a new platform where people can share curated family stories and get expert advice on overcoming the challenges of modern parenting

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LONDON, September 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

KinBox has launched a new website committed to the modern family, providing a single platform on which the whole family experience can be shared between parents, new and experienced.

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KinBox also provides advice from recognized family experts on a wide range of family and parenting issues, from pregnancy and caring for a baby to how to cope with the teenage years and the demands of contemporary grandparenting.

KinBox is an authentic family hub in the congested online space filled with hundreds of social networks. It is not a social network dedicated to uploading selfies or creating memes.

Two families are behind the family-run website: the Haks are from Canada but living in London, while the Connollys are from London but now living in Sweden.

According to founder Safwan Hak, the problems associated with large social networks, like Facebook, were a catalyst for the website.

"With what's happening on most social networks today, I felt the world direly needed a KinBox," he says. "Like millions of other people, Facebook was the place where I would share stories of my family and friends. But Facebook has turned into an unwelcome stream of cat pictures, fake news and political rants."

"The stories we want to share are stories that could benefit all families and these stories need to be told because shared stories unite us all across border and throughout time - this is the reason KinBox was born."

Mr. Hak adds: "We're not a big corporate behemoth. We're a small operation working at the coal-face of family and parenting. We saw the need for a story-centric family website because we could never find one that we wanted to use. So we thought, why don't we do it ourselves?"

Paul Connolly, editor of Kinbox and a former staffer at The Times and Metro, says the site is unique because it allows real people to tell real parenting stories at first hand.

"Our stories come straight from the heart of the family. Our motto is 'Everything Family'," he says. "We have five kids between us. We know how hard it can be to be a parent. But we also know how amazing it can be, too. And we know that family doesn't end with children - grandparents and extended family have an integral role in every family."

"Our mission is to tell family stories that move us, make us laugh, and provoke us to think about our own families. We want people to open up about their victories and defeats, and tell us about their joys and sorrows."

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