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New York Times Bestselling Author Dedicates New Book to President Donald Trump. Plus, He Discloses President Reagan's Top-Secret Immigration Deal With Mexico


New York Times Bestselling Author Dedicates New Book to President Donald Trump. Plus, He Discloses President Reagan's Top-Secret Immigration Deal With Mexico

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PHOENIX, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Bestselling Author and former intelligence detective Mike Rothmiller reveals President Ronald Reagan's and Mexico's President Lopez Portillo's top-secret immigration agreement.

The author believes President Donald Trump is unaware of this long-standing immigration scheme allowing a tsunami of illegal immigrants from Mexico to flood the United States each year.

The author has also dedicated the book to President Donald Trump for his efforts to aid law enforcement, secure our borders and enforce the laws of the United States.

Secrets, Lies and Deception 2—and other Amazing Pieces of History presents an astonishing collection of Top-Secret documents the author uncovered while scouring various government archives and filing scores of FOIAs and Mandatory Declassification Reviews.  These shocking secrets are virtually unknown to the masses and could trigger congressional investigations.

The book also discloses Top-Secret documents clearly stating that the assassin of President John F. Kennedy was a CIA source during his defection to the Soviet Union.

In 2011, the United States, France, and the United Nations attacked Libya alleging it was to prevent a civilian slaughter by the government.  President Qaddafi was murdered, and chaos ravaged Libya.  However, a top-secret email to Hillary Clinton identifies a giant hoard of gold and silver, and Frances desire to obtain Libyan oil.  Was treasure the real objective?

This highly anticipated sequel to the original Secrets, Lies, and Deception, uncovers startling new facts which will echo throughout the world.

Stunning chapters include:

The Largest Mass Execution in American History ordered by President Lincoln.

The CIA's Top-Secret Psychiatric Profile of Fidel Castro.

Incredible Secret Weapons.

19th and 20th Century Slavery and Cannibalism.

The Trail of Tears Order and The Cherokee Black Slaves.

Hillary Clinton Email Regarding Child Slavery in Haiti.

Germany's Top-Secret Zimmerman Letter requesting Mexico to attack the US.

The September 11, 2012 Attack on the US Benghazi Offices. The many lies.

The CIA Worries about Covert Operations in France.

The Other Side of Wyatt Earp and Tombstone.

The US Diversity Immigration Visa Program aka Visa Lottery.

The Top-Secret Immigration Agreement between the United States and Mexico.

Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President Kennedy, was a CIA source when defecting to the Soviet Union.

The Top-Secret reason for the US 2011 Attack on Libya.

The first Top-Secret "JOAN-ELEANOR" operation in Europe during WW2.

Germany's Top-Secret surrender negotiations with the OSS during WW2.

The secret CIA memo proving Enhanced Interrogation works.

"Many reading the book will conclude that the long-stated CIA denial that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a CIA asset, was a lie," commented Rothmiller.  "CIA Director McCone lied to the Warren Commission, lied to the country and lied to President Kennedy's family."

About the Author

Mike Rothmiller has authored numerous non-fiction books.  His non-fiction expose' LA Secret Police was a New York Times Bestseller.  He served in the Army National Guard and spent ten years with the LAPD where served as a detective in the Organized Crime Intelligence Division and was a representative to the United States Department of Justice Organized Crime Strike Force in Los Angeles.

He's testified in scores of criminal and civil cases and provided testimony to the Los Angeles County Grand Jury during the re-investigation of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination.

Meticulously researched and sourced, Secrets, Lies and Deception 2 and Other Amazing Pieces of History reveals decades of appalling and murderous government behavior.

The book is available at

Contact: Mike Rothmiller for an interview.


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