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Artificial Intelligence Interprets Data in a Way That Allows Us to Better Understand and Predict the Actions of Voters and Citizens


Artificial Intelligence Interprets Data in a Way That Allows Us to Better Understand and Predict the Actions of Voters and Citizens

CivixAI's prediction of Mayor Andrew Gillum's stunning victory in the Florida Democratic primary for Governor shows us how.

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Artificial intelligence continues to advance at breakneck speeds with its capabilities and entrance into new markets. To that point, CivixAI, an artificial intelligence technology with two decades of experience within the automotive and finance industries, is being applied to politics and public policy. One such use in this environment was during Florida's recent gubernatorial primary. It is important to first understand that the output CivixAI produces is a readout of the subconscious bias (i.e. natural instincts or intuition) of the audience it is being asked to analyze. When they applied their technology in the aforementioned Florida primary races, it found that the subconscious bias among likely Democratic voters actually favored Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum, over all other candidates in the race more than a month before the election. As for the Republican primary, it also found that the subconscious bias was stronger for Rep. Ron DeSantis than for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, Adam Putnam.

While CivixAI believes it is providing a long-overdue advancement within the public opinion and survey research industry, it is not a replacement for existing firms or platforms that actually collect data.

The inputs required to achieve this is numerical data tied to human behavior, like polling percentages or dollars (e.g. campaign contributions).

"The specific problem for which we're solving at CivixAI is to understand and predict, in advance, what action voters and citizens will take in a particular scenario based on their subconscious bias," said Ryan Gragg, Director of Engagement and Co-Founder of CivixAI. "For instance, we may want to predict who voters will elect in a specific race on November 6th. Or, in a public policy context, we may want to predict what health crisis will arise within a specific community before it actually happens to allow for more targeted preventive health campaigns and resource planning by public health departments," Gragg said.

Other notable races where CivixAI out-performed standard polling predictions include the 2017 U.S Senate special election in Alabama, in which CivixAI predicted a win for now-Senator Doug Jones as early as late September of that year and the 2018 West Virginia Republican primary for U.S Senate, in which CivixAI identified the surge in Republican voter preference for Don Blankenship two months before it was realized by anyone else.


CivixAI, LLC is a behavioral prediction artificial intelligence company. With a focus on politics and public policy, CivixAI predicts the future behavior of voters, citizens and policymakers based on their subconscious biases. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter @AiCivix.



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