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The Button Is A Million Dollar Home Page That Doesn't Show Any Ads


The Button Is A Million Dollar Home Page That Doesn't Show Any Ads

The Button is a completely new take on the million dollar home page concept, which successfully launched on Producthunt and increased in price by 4500x within the first three days.

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AMSTERDAM, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Since the Million Dollar Home page, there have been thousands of clones, none of which have proven as successful as the original. The reason for this is fairly obvious, the MDH was successful because it was an original idea. The others were copycats, adding nothing authentic enough to the table.

The Button is a valid contender to the MDH throne simply because it was not intended to be a MDH. The Button works by redirecting people to a link. Whoever buys the button gets to choose the link, until somebody comes and outbids them to place a new link.

All in all, the effects of this simple mechanic turn out to be complex. Firstly, viewing content after willingly clicking on an enigmatic button is likely to make people more interested in what the respective content is, increasing conversion rates as opposed to pop-up ads. Secondly, a bidding system for placing links could discourage spammy advertising simply through the mechanisms of capitalism. So far, it appears that The Button has proven this, with most of the links in The Button's history pointing to legitimate businesses. On top of this, a dynamic stream of quality links would keep the button interesting for people who want to discover content, keeping the flow of traffic on The Button healthy. The long term value for owners of The Button would come from the lifetime promotion on the history page and the related SEO effects.

As of now, a few days after launching on Producthunt where it became the #4 product, the button went from $0.01 to $43, received 20.000 clicks, caused slight outrage on Reddit and started going viral on Twitter.

"We're thrilled with The Button's journey so far. The launch was a clear success, people started using the button exactly as we had hoped, validating the idea." said the co-founders of The Button. "We're fascinated by the potential of The Button to become a source of cool content for people as well as a place to advertise top notch content, launch products or even entire movements to a premium market who understands how the modern internet actually works. That's definitely the direction The Button is going."

In a time when users are increasingly hostile towards ads and small businesses have a hard time launching their products, it feel like the world could use a million dollar button.


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