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Rainee Busby Announces New Website Launch


Rainee Busby Announces New Website Launch

Rainee Busby, a professional guide to helping companies achieve sustainable operational excellence, has launched her new website,, which describes her services and the Entrepreneurial Operating System© methodology that she also employs.

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HOUSTON, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Rainee Busby is thrilled to announce the launch of her new website, Rainee is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur who has spent her career working with businesses and organizations of various sizes—and across many industries—to achieve and sustain operational excellence. She brings unique, innovative solutions to her clients while leveraging her expertise in business management, operations, systems, and people strategy. She also employs a powerful, yet simple, business management system called EOS© (Entrepreneurial Operating System) which builds a solid foundation necessary to grow a successful business.

Rainee had been operating under the name of Fokal Fusion, which will now be retired. With her new site, she is tying her company directly to her name."The services I have provided for several years will not change. I will continue to help companies develop a clear vision and the execution skills necessary to achieve operational efficiency through discipline, accountability, and metrics—all critical elements to operating any successful business."

Rainee is a professionally trained implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, or EOS, which is a set of powerful tools that help fast-growing companies achieve their full potential and sustain growth, in a structured and targeted manner. "We are passionate about working with entrepreneurs to ensure that they learn how to not only run their business efficiently and effectively, but also how to spend less time working, so they can spend more time living," says Rainee.

Rainee's focus and belief is that when you transform businesses, you are really changing the lives of owners, leaders, and employees, empowering them to directly enhance their families, relationships, and the communities in which they live.

Visit today to see how Rainee helps small and medium-sized businesses that are ready to take it to the next level and achieve true sustainable operational excellence.

About Rainee Busby

Rainee Busby is a seasoned entrepreneur who combines her expertise with a powerful business operating model called the Entrepreneurial Operating System - EOS©. She guides fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses on the journey to achieving sustainable operational excellence. She has held numerous leadership roles in the software, consulting, healthcare, banking, transportation, energy, and manufacturing industries. Rainee has worked to spark operational excellence across the spectrum, from small innovative start-ups to a multi-billion-dollar turnaround initiative. Throughout her career, Rainee has observed that the best and most successful companies have people-focused leaders as well as engaged, passionate employees.


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