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JoVE Science Education Releases Three New Engineering Video Collections


JoVE Science Education Releases Three New Engineering Video Collections

JoVE Education Videos are Proven to Increase Students' Performance and Save Teachers Time

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- JoVE, the premier producer and publisher of video resources for scientific research and education, today announced the immediate availability of three new additions to its Engineering Education video series: Structural, Materials and Biomedical Engineering.

These three new video collections are the latest additions to JoVE Science Education, an innovative library comprised of nearly 650 easy-to-understand video demonstrations that teach key concepts and fundamental techniques across a wide array of science, technology, education and mathematics (STEM) education topics.

"Applied sciences such as engineering are natural subjects for visual learning. JoVE Science Education brings engineering topics to life in a modern, tech-savvy way that fits the needs of today's engineering students," noted Alexander Rattner, assistant professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Penn State College of Engineering. "I have found that student engagement and understanding improves when that can see an actual experimental process in a JoVE video rather than a simply reading about it and referencing illustrations in a textbook."

Each Engineering Collection consists of fifteen individual videos that present an overview of an important engineering topic and an explanation of relevant scientific principles. Each video then demonstrates the experimental method, including how to conduct appropriate data analysis and illustrates real-world applications of the engineering principles. The three new JoVE Science Education Engineering collections include:

Structural Engineering: This collection introduces students to fundamental concepts and protocols for material characterization, with specific emphasis on common construction materials such as steel, wood, and concrete.

Materials Engineering: This collection features cutting-edge methods for analysis and characterization of materials, and introduces a range of advanced materials and processes for new technologies and applications.

Biomedical Engineering: This collection describes the central concepts in biomedical engineering with a focus on imaging techniques to visualize and detect medical conditions, methods to quantify biomechanical strain, and computational modeling to simulate blood flow.

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