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Alan La Selle's New Book "TOD" is an Engaging Story Inspired by the Adventures of an Enormous, Shaggy Dog Who Invaded the New Home and Hearts of Ad and Janae Gartenberg


Alan La Selle's New Book "TOD" is an Engaging Story Inspired by the Adventures of an Enormous, Shaggy Dog Who Invaded the New Home and Hearts of Ad and Janae Gartenberg

Recent release "TOD" from Page Publishing author Alan La Selle is a charming reflection on the remarkable gift of companionship the Gartenberg's experience with a large, black, wonderful dog that welcomes them to their new neighborhood and decides to stay on.

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FARMINGTON, N.M., Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- La Selle is a retired highway construction senior project manager who was raised on the high prairieland of eastern Colorado. He and his wife, Janet, now reside in northern New Mexico. His book "TOD" is a light hearted and moving celebration of the powerful connection between a family, a neighborhood, and a free roaming, special canine.

The dog's name, "TOD", is the acronym for "The Other Dog", a pet name derived from the position he held in his former family. He became "The Other Dog" after he charmed his way into that family and became their second pet. After his former owner's divorce Tod stayed with the husband and was consequently abandoned by his former mistress who took their first animal when she moved to her new home. It was an event that broke TOD's heart and left a huge hole.

The evening before the Gartenbergs were scheduled to move into their new home they paid a visit before the mover's arrival the next day. The huge black dog came to find out who the intruders were and scared the bejesus out of Ad. Janae came to his rescue and coaxed Tod to allow her to pet him. When she did he mournfully whined as her touch reduced him to a pile of quivering, slobbering black fur.

That evening the beast of a dog adopted Janae Gartenberg as his human female. That same evening, Ad's place in the pecking order of things came behind Janae and declined even further when Tod met his future girlfriend, Jazzie.

Tod is a beast in the truest sense. A mixed breed of the combined Bouvier de Flandres pedigree and a mystery variety, the huge animal stands about three and a half feet and weighs nearly two hundred pounds. His fangs, of which half are permanently, partially on display below his upper lips, are as long as Ad Gartenberg's fingers. His growl is convincing and can be as terrifying as the MGM lion's.

TOD is a story told in first person by Ad Gartenberg. It includes his wife Janae, their son Jean Troy (JT), their neighbors and friends, their neighborhood and other critters they acquire along the way. The antics of these beasts and the human reactions they spawn may, at times, seem farfetched. In spite of the fanciful narrative, what happens in the book changes lives and makes The Gartenberg Plantation lively and more enjoyable.

La Selle claims that most of the happenings portray real incidents from a time in his life. Although he liberally exercises the privilege of literary license, the reader will never know where and he could offer convincing testimony to anyone who thought they might detect a yarn.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Al La Selle's book is an entertaining and poignant reflection on the exploits of a special dog and the gift of companionship he offers to his chosen family.

Readers who wish to experience this touching work can purchase "TOD" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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