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Kathy Resberg's Newly Released "Kimberly's Cats and Dogs Foundation Farm" is an Uplifting Introduction to a Humane Animal Rescue Nonprofit Set up on a Farm


Kathy Resberg's Newly Released "Kimberly's Cats and Dogs Foundation Farm" is an Uplifting Introduction to a Humane Animal Rescue Nonprofit Set up on a Farm

"Kimberly's Cats and Dogs Foundation Farm" from Christian Faith Publishing author Kathy Resberg is a heartwarming collection of animal rescue stories--featuring cats, dogs, and birds of all kinds--as well as an introduction to the animal rescue and care nonprofit of the same name, set up in the author's family farm in loving memory of their beloved daughter, a Humane Society worker and animal enthusiast who tragically lost her life to a brain aneurysm in September 2014.

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MEADVILLE, Pa., Sept. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "Kimberly's Cats and Dogs Foundation Farm": a delightful collection of animal rescue stories. "Kimberly's Cats and Dogs Foundation Farm" is the creation of published author, Kathy Resberg, a married mother of five who with her husband have set up the Foundation Farm in Minnesota as part of their daughter Kimberly's loving legacy.

Resberg writes of a mother duck's dilemma in one of the rescue stories, "Danielle is a single mom. She and her children have just been displaced from where they were living due to construction development. Danielle is a very pretty white duck, and she has five tiny little darling ducklings. 'What am I going to do? I have five children, no job, and we have just become homeless.' Danielle and her family were just waking up on a beautiful summer day when she heard the strangest noise. The noise kept getting closer and closer and louder and louder until it became so loud it frightened her children. Danielle quickly waddled up onto the bank of the little pond where they live just in time to see a giant machine with a long neck and huge teeth start to dig up the banks of her home. What was she going to do! Danielle gathered her darling ducklings and hurried away from the pond and under some thick bushes out of harm's way."

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Kathy Resberg's new book is a wide-ranging and entertaining look into the eventful life of the animals that have come to make their home on Kimberly's Cats and Dogs Foundation Farm, sure to bring laughter and tears to the whole family while instilling in readers an anger against injustice and cruelty to animals while nurturing a compassion for all living creatures.

Resberg's stories invite the reader into the animals' minds, proving that when it seems animals have a mind and personality of their own, it's because they do.

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