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Held Projansky Furs Announces Fall Fashion Sale in Western New York


Held Projansky Furs Announces Fall Fashion Sale in Western New York

Held Projansky Furs in Rochester NY has whipped up an entire fall fashion seasons worth of exciting looks that function during every facet of the fall season lifestyle. The fall fashion items at Held Projansky are attainably priced and made with superior quality and style.

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ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- When the leaves begin to fall, and we start transitioning to our autumn wardrobe our thoughts go to light jackets and vests. The fall fashion season starts with fur vests and accessories at Held Projansky in Rochester NY. The vests from Held Projansky are the perfect fur cover up for outdoor fall activities and the effortless fashion choice for when you are running last minute errands. The Vests are the perfect choice whether you're going to an outdoor sporting event or taking that walk along the nature trail. Fur and jeans are the perfect pairing for the fashion conscious individual.

Held Projansky offers a full line of fall fur fashions and accessories. It is worth mentioning that the staff at Held Projansky is offering fashion tips, and currently has a sale on fur vests for the up coming fall season. The staff is also offering fur customization for fur coat owners that want to give their item a second life by restyling their beautiful fur coats. If individuals have a coat that have not been worn because "the sleeves are too short or it's too long" – come to Held Projansky and let their fashion staff advise you on how they can transform your fur into something new and trendy.

Often times, "customers come across beautiful fur coats that they inherited but the garment doesn't fit well, and we can help them redesign it to their fashion taste and style, explains Michelle T. from Held Projansky's design department. "An inherited fur can become so much more than an outdated article of clothing that nobody wants to wear. Fur always has value when properly cared for, yesterdays grandma's coat can become a beautiful renewed vest, with the remaining fur from the sleeves made into a scarf, beret, or headband, pillow, or a unique one of a kind item that still has sentimental value" advises Michelle. The fashion experts at Held Projansky are there to share their vast fashion knowledge to help individuals with their fall fashion needs. Jean, the lead designer at Held Projansky has crafted beautiful, one of a kind items combining fur with your favorite cashmere sweater, blazers, and jackets that individuals can wear for the entire fall season and into winter and spring as well.

Held Projansky has an exquisite selection of fall fashion accessories such as fur gloves, fur scarf's and hats for extra warmth for those brisk fall mornings and evenings when the temperature drops.

Held Projansky has been serving women as well as men throughout the country, meeting their fur fashion needs since 1925. From Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse to Hawaii, and even Nepal. Held Projansky offers in-house fur storage, repair, cleaning and glazing, customizing items and a beautiful line of new coats, jackets, vests, and accessories – hats, gloves, scarves and capes to meet every fashion demand. So get ready Western New York for the best fall season of all.


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