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Free Space Optics a line-of-sight communication technology to bring revolution in the Free Space Optics Market to reach USD 1,748.0 million by 2023


NEW YORK, Sept. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Free Space Optics (FSO) market is expected to increase from USD 116.9 million in 2016, to USD 1,748.0 million in 2023, at a significant CAGR of 41.8% from 2017 to 2023. The factors driving the free space optics market are free licensing of FSO, last mile connectivity, and alternative solution for overburdened radio frequency (RF) technology for outdoor networking. Increasing demand of FSO technology in military environments and incorporation of FSO in 3G and 4G network connectivity further propels the growth of the free space optics market.

Free space optics (FSO) communication, also known as free space photonics (FSP) or optical wireless is a line-of-sight technology that propagates light in free space such as air, vacuum, or outer space in order to transmit data through wireless technology for computer networking and telecommunication. The technology requires light to transmit data, which can be focused by either using light emitting diodes (LEDs) or lasers. FSO uses optical signals as the carrier frequencies to provide point-to-point transmission of communication information through the atmosphere. Low initial investment, high security, flexible rollouts, low power usage per transmitted bit are some benefits over existing technologies. High bandwidth provisioning and quick establishment of communication link makes FSO popular in various industries.

Based on components, transmitters held the largest share of the global free space optics market in 2016, followed by receivers segment. The data transmission segment held the major share of the FSO market in 2016 followed by defense applications.

The key players operating in the FSO market are LightPointe Communications Inc., Mostcom Ltd., AOptix Technologies Ltd., Trimble Hungary Kft. , fSONA Networks Corp., Wireless Excellence Ltd., IBSENtelecom Ltd., Harris Corporation, Anova Technologies, Wireless Excellence Limited, Yenista Optics SA, Olson Technology Inc., Laser Light Communication inc., Imagine Optics SA and Plaintree Systems Inc.

Key Findings of the Global Free Space Optics Market Report:

  • The Free Space Optics market is expected to reach USD 1,748.0 million by 2023
  • Based on component:
    • The transmitters segment held the major share of the Free Space Optics market in 2016, and receivers segment is expected to be the fastest growing segment
  • On the basis of application:
    • The data transmission segment was the largest segment in 2016
    • Healthcare sector is anticipated to be the fastest growing segment followed by airborne application
    • In healthcare sector FSO offers a practical, prompt and economical way of communication network between patient and the medical experts
    • In Airborne application FSO offers high reception power, bandwidth capacity and signal-to-noise ratio for faster communication with low bit error rates
  • The North American region held the major share of the FSO market in 2016
  • Asia-Pacific region is expected to hold the major share of the Free Space Optics market during the forecast period

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Free Space Optics Market –Enhancing Conventional Way of Communication

Free Space optics technology are being incorporated with existing communication technologies are widely used in military and defense and telecommunication industry with enhanced high end solutions. FSO technology combines with existing wireless technology to provide effective solution for high speed wireless communication. FSO can be deployed and installed easily and are cost effective with high security features.

Free Space Optics Market- Regional Insight

North American region held the largest share of the FSO market in 2016. The huge investments in telecom industry on infrastructure & technology, government funding in FSO and increasing military and aerospace expenditure are the major driving factors for the largest share of the FSO market in the years to come. Asia-Pacific region is expected to hold the major share of the Free Space Optics market during the forecast period.

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