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BioNebicine Corp. Commences Tests of Nebulizer Device


St. Petersburg, FL, Sept. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- BioNebicine Corp. ("BioNebicine" or the "Company") a privately held biotech company, is pleased to announce that it has retained Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory, a division of PureAir Control Services, Inc., to conduct numerous controlled examinations of particle size emitted by an ultrasonic vibrating mesh nebulizer design with various medical formulations for BioNebicine.

Pulmonary delivery of various medicinal and non-medicinal formulations requires delivery of the formulation such that the particulate size is accepted by the lungs' alveolus.  The Company, in conjunction with its partners, has developed a patented nebulizer device and the necessary solutions and formulations required to achieve the targeted particle size for maximum absorption within the pulmonary system.   

"The Company has now reached a point where we must certify the results we have seen in our preliminary testing," stated Dr. Donald Pell, MD, the CEO and President of the Company.  "Future plans to deploy the device into the market require that we can meet the stringent demands of the human pulmonary system to absorb our numerous medication formulations to achieve maximum absorption." 

The first round of testing will involve five (5) specific drugs: glucagon, regular insulin, sumatriptan (Imitrex), epinephrine, and the biologic Humira.  The testing will commence on September 5, 2018 and take approximately 20 to 30 days to complete.   

 About the Company:

BioNebicine's goal is to be a leader in the delivery of Biologics and Biosimilars medical formulations, insulin formulations, registered antibiotics and other drug formulations, vaccine formulation, antiviral formulations, and vitamin formulations.  The Company specializes in the research and development of pulmonary micro droplet medical delivery systems using Ultrasonic Atomizing Vibrating Micron Micro Mesh (MMM®) disc technology for the pulmonary uptake of Pharmaceutical Grade medical drug formulations.  

The Company is currently completing its first round of funding from its Private Placement Memorandum, with the goal of becoming publicly traded on a major exchange in the coming months.  More can be found on our website at:

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