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Columbia Threadneedle Investments Launches Tax Efficient Portfolios


Suite of equity portfolios emphasizing tax efficiency

Columbia Threadneedle Investments today announced the launch of Columbia
Tax Efficient Portfolios (TEP
), a suite of equity separately managed
account strategies designed to provide investors consistent equity
market exposure with an emphasis on tax efficiency. The
portfolios are designed for tax-sensitive, high-net-worth investors and
aim to deliver pre-tax returns that closely approximate the target
benchmark and results, after taxes and investment management fees, that
consistently outperform the target benchmark through the strategic use
of tax lot accounting.

TEP is managed by Michael Fulginiti, CFA and the Systematic Portfolio
Solutions team, which includes portfolio managers, investment analysts
and traders. The team has over twenty years of experience managing
tax-efficient strategies for high-net-worth clients. Columbia
Threadneedle has offered a similar tax-efficient equity strategy
exclusively to institutional clients since the early 1990s.

Investors in TEP may choose from three core strategies as a starting
point for their portfolio: US Large Cap, designed to track the S&P 500
Index; US All Cap, designed to track the S&P 1500 Index; and
International ADR, designed to track the BoNY Classic ADR Index. Further
customization is offered to align with investors' specific beta and
after-tax alpha objectives. The investment team uses tax lot accounting
strategy to harvest losses that are used to offset taxable gains and
reduce taxes. A separately managed account can pass through tax losses
directly to the investor, allowing for proactive tax management. The
portfolio management team utilizes the company's robust technology
platform to address the unique needs of high-net-worth and
ultra-high-net-worth investors.

"Taxable investors and their advisors, even sophisticated ones, often
overlook or ignore a significant factor that affects wealth accumulation
– tax friction," said Fulginiti, Head of the Systematic Portfolio
Solutions team at Columbia Threadneedle. "Regardless of investment
performance, over time tax friction can significantly erode investment
returns. For those investors with significant assets and long-term
investment horizons, TEP can be a valuable core or component of a
portfolio that will help minimize tax drag."

"We have a long history working with advisors to achieve the goals of
high- and ultra-high-net-worth investors in a variety of ways, including
customized tax-efficient equity and municipal-bond strategies," said Dan
Beckman, Head of U.S. Product at Columbia Threadneedle. "With this new
offering, we're excited to bring our 20-plus years of experience to a
broader set of advisors and investors. This demonstrates our focus on
bringing forward differentiated capabilities aligned with the critical
needs of our clients."

TEP is offered only as a separately managed account through wrap fee
programs, in either single contract or dual contract. The minimum
investment for a TEP account is $250,000 and fees are competitive.

About Columbia Threadneedle Investments:
Threadneedle Investments is a leading global asset manager that provides
a broad range of investment strategies and solutions for individual,
institutional and corporate clients around the world. With more than
2,000 people, including over 450 investment professionals based in North
America, Europe and Asia, we manage $482 billion1 of assets
across developed and emerging market equities, fixed income, asset
allocation solutions and alternatives.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments is the global asset management group
of Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE:AMP).

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1As of June 30, 2018.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments is the global brand name of the
Columbia and Threadneedle group of companies.

Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal and
fluctuation in value. There is no guarantee that the investment
objective will be achieved. Investors should review the strategy risks
and other details in the program materials before investing.

These managed account solutions are only available through investment
professionals. Not all strategies may be available on all platforms, and
fees and terms may vary. Managed account programs may not be suitable
for all investors

Advisory services provided by Columbia Management Capital Advisers, an
operating division of Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC
("CMIA") that offers investment management and related services to
clients participating in various types of wrap programs.

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