Market Overview

Wynyard ACA Launches Software for Automated Analytics


Wynyard ACA, a pioneer in high-consequence crime fighting and security
software, recently launched a new product - Law Enforcement Automation
Analytics (LEA). The company, headquartered in California, has
established itself as a market leader in serving law enforcement
agencies, national security agencies, critical infrastructure operations
and other major corporations.

Manually storing the records and maintaining bulks of files is a tedious
and time-consuming process for police departments. LEA is a software
especially designed for the police forces worldwide. It comes with a set
of in-built applications that are beneficial not just for law
enforcement, but also for the public. Applications, such as Character
Verification Record, No Entry Permit, Complaint Lodging System, etc.
have been built to save people from the trouble of visiting the police
station to file a complaint or check status of the same.

"Wynyard's objective is to provide a hassle-free solution to the police
forces working diligently across the globe, without affecting their
business continuity," said Arvind Saxena, CEO of Wynyard ACA. The
software is intended to drastically reduce the manual work.

Storing multiple records at different places often leads to chaos and
there is incomplete information among the officers. Even the slightest
inch of wrong information can be disastrous for the police. Wynyard LEA
boosts the intelligence by showing only the latest and most relevant
information available, whenever a name, incident, property, or a vehicle
is searched.

"The software manages the records efficiently, reducing the chances of
errors and the need to enter the data several times as all the data is
stored in a single database. Wynyard allows the police departments to
customize the application according to their needs," added Saxena.

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