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Ultivue Expands Its Portfolio of Digital Quantitative Pathology Services with a Suite of Image Analysis Capabilities Powered by Indica Labs HALO™, HALO LINK™ and Amazon Web Services


Ultivue has announced today the expansion of its menu of Digital
Quantitative Pathology Services with a complete suite of Image Analysis
capabilities. Building up on the success of its Services group headed up
by Dr. Sean Downing, Director of Customer Engagement, Ultivue launches
highly customizable image analysis services to complement its core
capabilities for fast, mid-to high-level multiplexing custom assay
development and high throughput sample staining. "Our InSituPlex™
technology unlocks access to unique, content-rich, whole-slide,
tissue-based protein marker information combining quantitative data and
spatial resolution. The Ultivue
Services Lab
leverages the full potential of InSituPlex
by providing a wide range of image analysis outputs including phenotypic
analysis, cell density determinations, tissue segmentation, and spatial
analysis with proximity and nearest neighbor analysis utilizing Indica
Labs' HALO software," says Dr. Downing.

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ultivue has built a
unique cloud-based ecosystem integrating multiple programs. These
include a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) platform,
image analysis and management systems, and data archiving, thus offering
an end-to-end, collaborative platform. This unique ecosystem allows
Ultivue's customers and collaborators to document and submit tissue
samples, monitor progress of custom studies, and access to raw and
analyzed data.

Ultivue has also selected and implemented Indica Labs' HALO LINK as its
image managing tool to facilitate remote access to data and secure file
sharing with its customers across the world. Indica CEO Steven Hashagen
added, "HALO LINK is a natural fit for Ultivue's cloud-based
multiplexing services. The platform allows browser-based access to
real-time, high-plex analytical data. Recent HALO developments also
enable simultaneous analysis of unlimited number of markers, and
unlimited number of configurable cell phenotypes; all of which can be
scaled within AWS to handle heavy traffic and high throughput demands.
We're pleased our software is an integral part of this exciting

"Ultivue is a great example of how AWS invests our people, technology
and expertise to work alongside customers that are pushing the
boundaries of life science R&D," said Elliot Menschik, MD PhD, Sr.
Manager, HCLS VC, AWS Business Development, Amazon Web Services, Inc.
who leads the AWS life science practice for investor-backed, private
companies. "Building on our best practices and reference architecture
for early-stage biotechs, Ultivue challenged us on how best to design a
performant and saleable solution that took full advantage of the cloud
even in the face of the extraordinary volumes of imaging data they
capture from their physical lab operations. It's rewarding to see that
collaboration come to fruition with this launch."

Ultivue will present the latest developments of its Reagents and
Services portfolios on September 13th at 14:55, in the
Strategies and Technologies to Deliver Precision Medicine session during
the 5th Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit
conference, taking place in Munich, Germany.

About Ultivue

Ultivue is a venture-backed company developing reagent-driven solutions
for high-performance biological imaging in situ, combining unlimited
multiplexing at high speed with high spatial resolution. Ultivue's
proprietary solutions enable translational and clinical research groups
to realize the promise of personalized medicine through the deciphering
of complex mechanisms of cancer onset and progression and the
identification of biomarker signatures in tissue samples to better match
patients to therapeutic options. The company is committed to
commercializing products and services that seamlessly integrate into
existing workflows for biomarker discovery, assay validation, and
companion diagnostic applications. Ultivue is based in Cambridge, MA.

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