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Top Producer Ben Anderson of LendUS® Launches Originator Society– Powered by Ben Anderson 365 at ELEVATE, a Mortgage Industry Event Series


Anderson launches new coaching and media program to teach the
modern-day loan officer how technology and media can revolutionize their

Top producer Ben Anderson of LendUS®, LLC teamed up with David Meltzer,
CEO of Sports 1 Marketing; and Barry Habib, CEO of MBS Highway;
to throw ELEVATE, a Mortgage Industry Event Series. Anderson used
the spotlight to share how technology and media has kept his business
growing and announce the launch of Originator Society-
Powered by Ben Anderson 365.

Anderson has long been recognized as a top producing professional by
multiple industry trade publications, including Scotsman Guide
from 2011 to 2017. Anderson is ready to share the keys to his success
with the launch of Originator Society, a sales system geared
towards loan officers to help increase their business.

Elite industry professional Barry Habib, founder and CEO of MBS Highway,
has endorsed Anderson and his coaching platform since its early days.
Habib is best known for his MBS Highway, a digital platform that aids
mortgage professionals in interpreting activity in the mortgage rate and
bond markets. Recently Habib and Anderson have partnered up and The MBS
highway is now included as a part of Anderson's Originator Society

"I have audited the industry and created Originator Society to
help originators be independent, establish their own brand, and to be
consistently successful without needing a bank to run their business,"
said Anderson. "Going = Growing, and if you're not using the media and
technology that you have at your fingertips, your leaving behind

Anderson teased the systems he has available for the industry's
professionals to use to take their business back. His day-to-day
business model utilizes technology like BombBomb, which allow him to
keep in touch with clients, referral partners, and general contacts in a
new modern way. Anderson also hit on how important a role media has
played in growing his business.

"I've created a media platform for you to not only brand yourself, but
use your technology and go viral," said Anderson. "The new ABC, CBS, NBC
and FOX is LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Video is dynamic,
and these platforms allow you to get to your audience in seconds!"

Along with access to these tools, the Originator Society platform
reveals sales scripts, daily, down to the minute time blocking
schedules, lead generating tools, and other systems guaranteed to grow
the modern-day loan officer's business.

"I always overlooked the power of marketing on social media, which
caused me to leave a lot of business on the table. Social Media is the
biggest stage to market on, but a lot of people in the mortgage industry
don't take advantage of it," said Joe Mercuri, a loan consultant at
LendUS® in Irvine, Calif. and current member of Originator Society. "The
platform gives us the ability to connect w/ customers on a personal
level, but also seamlessly market to a MASSIVE audience across the
nation. You will be left in the dust if you do not establish a social
media presence that drives traffic to your business."

Another member of Originator Society, Jeff Blaxland of HomeFirst
Mortgage Bankers, in Irvine Calif., explains, "This has been an absolute
game changer to my business. I have access, at any time, to the top guy
in my industry. Who wouldn't want that? That alone is already worth it
to me." Blaxland continued, "I have a business manager that holds me
accountable for what I need to do, I have someone watching over my
P&L's, I have someone helping me with my marketing. It's just endless!
The value is tremendous. I can't thank Ben and the team enough."

Anderson is truly revolutionizing the mortgage industry by giving loan
officers the systems they need to become the CEO of their own business
again. For more information on Ben Anderson and Originator Society
Powered by Ben Anderson 365
, please
click here.

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