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Kaplan Professional Launches Corporate Innovation Diagnostic


Kaplan Professional, a global leader in corporate learning and
development, today announced the launch of the Corporate Innovation
Diagnostic, a major assessment tool in measuring and increasing
innovative thinking in the corporate workforce.

"Getting innovation right is very difficult, and a constant challenge
for organizations," said Andrew Perkins, Kaplan Global Director of
Leadership and Professional Development. "We know that innovation is a
major driver in commercial success and that innovative organizations
don't follow the crowd, they lead it. They don't compete in the market,
they create new markets. So, the question is, why isn't your business

Working with ChangeSchool, an executive education consultancy
specializing in Innovation, Kaplan has developed a unique process that
combines a diagnostic tool that identifies those aspects of current
practices and culture that hinder innovative practice, along with a
tailored program designed to develop the skills, practices and culture
that encourage and nurture innovative corporate eco-systems.

The diagnostic presents business scenarios and poses two key questions:
Do you know the best response, and how confident are you that your
answer is correct? With a few complex algorithms and a wealth of
expertise, the answers are analyzed to give a clear picture of who is
aligned to the best innovative practice, and who is likely to hinder
best practice. This helps to target and tailor training and development
to those that need it most.

Professionals then work with the organization to understand what
innovation means in that environment. Scenarios and related questions
are created based on the themes and issues that emerge from
conversations and a selected group pilot the assessment to enable
necessary adjustments. The organization is then surveyed and results are
shared with leadership to plan a tailored Innovation Development Program.

About Kaplan Professional

Kaplan is a leading international provider of training and education
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10,000 corporations and businesses globally. Kaplan Professional helps
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Through live and online instruction, Kaplan Professional provides test
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